Foreward: In a city that takes pride in their Coastal connection, the Monsoons just  become the perfect catalyst to enjoy sea food in Kolkata. Then again, does one need a reason to enjoy the Bangaali Maach at all?

Calcutta as I love calling it, is an acclaimed foodies paradise. While on one hand there are cafe’s and fine dining establishments mushrooming every month; so are the amount of food festivals hitting the circuit. With  gastronomical celebrations all around, how can you not call this the City Of Joy?! In a city that takes pride in their Coastal connection, the Monsoons just  become the perfect catalyst to enjoy sea food in Kolkata. Then again, does one need a reason to enjoy the Bangaali Maach at all?

Here are 5 places that bring out their love for something fishy in Calcutta city all this month:

1) Hilsa Reinvented Season V, The Park Kolkata


What’s monsoon in Calcutta without  Hilsa fish -being deep fried in hot bubbling mustard oil or steamed  rice ?! Well, nothing! However, here’s a little twist in the tale.

Re-introducing Hilsa  to highlight its multidimensional qualities, The Park , Kolkata has launched it’s fifth season of Hilsa Reinvented.

Here Hilsa retains her queen like qualities but gets a stunning makeover in avatars like the Bridge Caesar , Grilled Ilish Risotto with Dill walnut Ice Cream , Ilish vindaloo with steamed rice , Crispy fried Ilish with Thai chilly paste  and Ilish Teriyaki amongst others . You may find all this at Zen (August 9th, 2016 onwards) and The Bridge ( July 15th , 2016, onwards).

If you love your Hilsa in a desi avatar, head on to Saffron (July 15th, 2016 , onwards) to enjoy your most loved Ganga Ilisher Paturi ,Doi Bhapa Ilish ,Kalo Jeera,  Sorshe diye Ilish Macher Jhal ,and the great Daab Ilish that will bring you down the world of fond memories .

So go ahead and make your reservations today.

2) Coastal Connect, The Palms

Living up to its festival name, The Palms brings about a “Coastal Connect” like none other.

Patrons can dig into  North Indian fish delicacies like Gujarati style Pomfret Dahi Curry, Surmai Tawa Fry, Malwan Fish Curry Bhetki,  North Indian style Fish fry amongst  others.
If you love the Malabar genre of sea food, do try their Goan Pomfret Curry, Surmai Kukum Curry, the Malwan fish curry Bhetki or the Kanchipuram Prawn with Lemon rice.

Pricing is INR 550 for two, which is a stellar deal for lunch or dinner if you ask me.
The festival is on till July 30th, so make the most of it because there is something for every kind of fish lover out here.

3) Hilsa Festival, Durbari, Swissotel

swissotel hilsa
Bringing out the exquisite flavours of the Hilsa, is Durbari at the Swissotel.

With their unique Hilsa festival, patrons are in to taste the elite ecstasy of Bengal through the rarest of Bengali Hilsa recipes on your platter that is guaranteed to make you crave for more.

The festival has already begun from July 15th, 2016 and shall be on till July 24th, 2016. It’s a dinner only festival on the weekdays and a lunch only affair on the weekends. Time is short, so make your reservations at the earliest.

4) Coast To Coast Seafood Festival, Bombay Brasserie

In an attempt to revolutionize North Indian cooking, the city’s favourite fine dining Bombay Brasserie at Quest Mall brings a unique seafood journey to it’s patrons with the Coast To Coast festival. You could enjoy a specially curated seafood menu all this month of July and believe me the experience will be something you’d start salivating on thinking. Are you still hesitating to make reservations now? Really?

5) Ilishiana Festival, Kalash, Hotel Hindusthan International


Kalash, the North Indian specialty restaurant at Hotel Hindusthan International  is  all set to commend the Queen of Fish by launching their forthcoming limited period Ilishiana festival.

The tasty spread  includes  quintessential Bengali favourites like  Ilish Paturi, Doi Ilish (hilsa cooked in yogurt), Ilish pulao and a blazing Kancha Lonka Ilish .

The festival will also witness inventive dishes like Narkeli Orange Ilish (Hilsa cooked with orange and coconut cream) or steamed hilsa bound with crude mango chutney.
The mind blowing selection is on an á la carte basis and shall be included along with the regular menu between July 22 and August 9. Start building your appetite for this one.

So now that you smelt something fishy already, why not get to the bottom of your plates and solve that hunger mystery already? Will be waiting for your feedback on Instagram (@a_pinch_ofsalt ) , Facebook ( A Pinch Of Salt), Snapchat (riarains) , Pinterest (raina124) or even on ! 🙂

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