My mailbox popped an invitation, that I , as a blogger was most delighted to receive and I’m sure after what you are about to read, the feeling shall spread coherently.


If your idea of dinner is a quiet relaxing ambience, reminiscing the essence of nature and satiating the feeling of food cooked in an open fire, the Legacy Grill at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata is the perfect place to be. With their limited period Grill and Chill Festival (8th July till 17th July 2016), patrons can enjoy 10 varieties of grilled delicacies accompanied with 7 equally relishing sauces; gushed down with a glass of wine or a pint of beer.

“The reason why Chill and Grill is a dinner only festival is because we want to primarily target the working patrons who could enjoy a delicious gourmet meal while chilling with a glass of wine or beer at affordable prices,” said the Marketing Communications head at The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata.


I had with me Kolkata’s most respectable connoisseur Poorna Banerjee as my fellow diner and being hardcore non vegetarians, ignoring the vegetarian section was an involuntary action for the both of us! 😉
However the menu does boast of pretty delicious combination of grills like Grilled Eggplant with Tahina yogurt dressing ,Sweet Chilli Marinated Pineapples, etc. so vegetarians don’t lose heart or your appetite.


Before you order your poison, be sure to be greeted with a bowl of sesame seasoned bread rolls and butter on your table that vehemently marks the beginning of your meal. If you are a wine person like me, you’re sure to find respite in a glass of  Nine Hills Chenin Blanc that also plays a perfect sidekick to the “hero” grills.


Coming back, I ordered a Red Wine Garlic and Herb Marinated Lamb Chops with Pepper Jus, while Poorna ordered the Dijon Marinated Chicken Escallops with a side of Mushroom Jus.


Personally the lamb chops had a perfect smoky flavour , bringing about the essence of a typical campfire night. This accompanied with grilled tomato, roasted potato wedges and onions was a total A+ affair. However, the meat was well done for my liking and I initially found it difficult to slice it with my knife; the flavour withim needless to say, was succulent and highly delicious. So if you give this a try, I recommend you intimate how you would like your meat to be cooked while placing your order.


The  chicken escallops on the other hand, was bursting with flavours thanks to the generous corn stuffing within. The meat was tender and perfectly grilled, making it a top notch affair altogether.


We had also ordered the Chermoula Marinated Fish Steak off the menu and the experience was soul satisfying to say the least. The soft fillet charred evenly and placed beautifully on a bed of roasted vegetables, accompanied with lemon butter sauce is what dreams are made of!

A vegetarian or non-vegetarian grill plus a glass of wine/beer for a single person is priced at INR 1200/- plus tax.
The couples can avail a combination of four beers/a glass of wine together with two vegetarian/non-vegetarian grills for 2500/- plus tax.

This weekend is the last opportunity to take advantage of this festival since the same concludes on July 17th. Therefore waste no time and book your tables at the earliest.

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