Calcutta Chai Par Charcha

Preface: Five establishments in Kolkata have decided to pay their tribute to the Monsoon season, by introducing a curated Monsoon festival, you would die to be a part of! Read on!
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Top 6 Mango Festivals In Kolkata You Must Luxuriate In

Preface: Like every year, the Mango Monarchy is here yet again to rule your hearts and taste buds this summer. I for one always used to associate my school summer holidays with the advent of Mangoes. These delicious, luscious and juicy treasures are currently dawning a new avatar at these SIX specially curated Mango festivals in Kolkata. Go ahead and take your pick!

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Wow Your Mom This Mothers Day

Preface: Last year, I was elated on seeing how each of you left no stone unturned to make your mommies and daddies feel special on International Mother’s Day. This year too, go Wow your parents by thoroughly pampering them and availing these offers happening in your city on May 13, 2018!
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The Ultimate Boishak Listicle 2018

Preface: The title says it all. A lot of eateries, a whole lot of festive fervour. Come check out the Ultimate Boishak Listicle of a myriad of offers pouring along April 14th onwards.

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Drinks And A Dim Sum Trail? Here’s Why You Should Visit Yauatcha For The Long Weekend

Here’s the thing. I love my dim sums and there is no better place in Kolkata to satiate my dim sum craving than Yauatcha. This Michelin starred dim sum tea bar, located on the 5th floor of Quest Mall Kolkata, has been my go to place for a quick gourmet experience of dim sums and teas.

With the long weekend embarking the city starting January 26th along with the end of season sales commencing at Quest Mall, Yauatcha has partnered to bring you offers you as patrons cannot refuse!
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A Bowlful Of Soul: Here’s Celebrating One Bowl Love Ft. Monkey Bar And Sodabottleopenerwala

When we speak of bowl meals, the first thing that pops up as a candidate is Soup. If you have a palate for taste beyond the quintessential, then it’s synonymous to start visualizing the Khow sweys or Ramen meals.
But, believe it or not, this bowl- this one piece of crockery, is trending phenomenally in the culinary circuit these days and for good reason.
The humble bowl is humble no more. Having travelled across the globe in one avatar or the other, the bowl has now reached India and two very established brands have collaborated and taken it upon themselves to give this Bowl a Soul of flavours with their Two Month “One Bowl Winter” festival.

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