Warning: This is not for the faint-hearted or the ones who get easily offended. Rather, an experience unlike none other. This is a throwback to my visit to the cannabis museum of Amsterdam. 

For starters, don’t worry! I’m not propagating the use of something that can make me the next potential Pablo Escobar. The purpose of this piece is to educate you about Cannabis and destigmatise the propaganda fuelled by its prohibition. Apart from taking a dig at this place initially, and singing “Dum Maaro Dum” all the way through, this place was a rather interesting visit and I’ll tell you how.

Let me inform you that Amsterdam is the weed capital of Europe and while weed or cannabis as we popularly call it, isn’t actually legal in the Netherlands. It is however decriminalised and tolerated. So as a tourist, if you’re an adventure seeker and want to give this a go, DO NOT fall for any grand schemes of touristy offers too good to resist by guides or travel agencies. Only visit Coffee Shops like bull Dog or Government Authorised Hemp/ Cannabis museum.

According to the founders, it is fundamental to ensure decriminalisation of Cannabis, push towards sustainable hemp substitutes, and pave a path towards more clinical trials to help all those that can benefit from its medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Some Information about the Museum first:

Opening hours
The museum opens at 10:00 am and closes at 22:00 pm, the average amount of time spent is approximately 45 minutes. Make sure to leave plenty of time to view the entire museum before it closes. The last admission time is 21:30 pm. Given the ongoing pandemic, check the visiting hours before hand.

Traveling to the museum
Traveling to the museum is very easy and there are many public transport services.
Dam Square is the closet tram and bus stop. The nearest train station is only a 10-minute walk away, Amsterdam Centraal Station. (see video below). The museum is located at number 6 Damstraat, which is very close to Dam Square.


Single Entrance Ticket would cost you €10 and would include Free Goodie Bag and 10% discount in the museum shop. Group Entrance Ticket for minimum 5 would cost you €40 and would include 5 Free Goodie Bag and 10% discount in the museum shop. The museum also provides tailored guided tours for all ages and guarantee a fun learning experience for everyone involved. 

Exploring the Museum

There are 3 floors in this Museum that take the visitor to the history and origins of Cannabis.

The First floor involves discovering the many uses Cannabis has fulfilled due to its numerous properties – including Fuelling a car! This is a complete infotainment experience you have ever seen.
The second floor enlightens the visitor to understand how Cannabis behaves in our bodies and how this affects us in our daily life. Through art and interactive displays, you’ll find out about the numerous effects and uses and gain a deeper understanding of the role that Cannabis could play in our society, the good and the bad, the legal and the illegal.

The third floor is what I call the Mit Jaaye Ghum floor 😂 Visitors will be seeing a multitude of ways to smoke and enjoy Cannabis, from industrialised bongs and vaporizers to make-shift equipment made from Coca Cola cans. NOT APPLICABLE TO CHILDREN.

In case you’d like to give the Third floor a miss like I did, you can always find the interactive artwork at the museum by Mossy Giant which illustrates the different effects Cannabis can have on the mind and body.

You can even go ahead and shop some amazing oriducts made entireky if hemp- from shampoos, soaps, hair oil to even food and drink items like ice cream, brownies, cola and teas.

This had been a fascinating experience for me which I thought I had to share with all of you. I hope I’m not judged by my thirst for adventure. If you found this information useful, dont forget to come back more for food, fun and functionality.
PS: I don’t smoke at all.

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