Uber Eats Brings The World’s First Anti-Aging Ice-Cream! April Fool Prank?

The world's iconic food delivery app Uber Eats is all set to revolutionize the concept of beauty and food by launching the World's First Anti-Aging Ice-cream!  Read on for more details!

A Night Reveler’s Rikki

I'm glad the City of Joy has always given me more than enough reasons to be joyous- from the food to the city itself and not to forget, the people. Kolkata thrives on its nightlife culture. However, very few establishments in the city cater to the night bugs such as myself. Another reason for happiness that joins my list today is Rikki's Bar and Kitchen. Why you ask? I mean why won't you be happy when you find a place with good food and drinks that is open until the wee hours of the morning!

Diwali Delights Khandani Rajdhani Style

Disclaimer: The following is an event invitation extended to sample the Diwali Thali at Khandani Rajdhani, Kolkata. The offer however is valid pan India. Think Diwali and one tends to picture festivities on a grand scale- lights, crackers, sweets, dressing up et al. It's a celebration of good over evil, a festival of lighting up and…

Come Alive At The Festival Of Death

  Mexican culture has always been a montage of colours and vibrancy. The aim of those big fat ceremonies at large is simple- to bring people together, in happiness and in death. Yes! Death! The Latinos world over are known to celebrate the Dia De Los Meurtos or the Day of the Dead. This multi-day…

A Dilwali Diwali Celebration For The Underpriviliged

Kolkata, October29: With the Festival of lights illuminating the entire world, there are Samaritans who are busy illuminating lights in dark, obliviated eyes - those who believe that Diwali, is much more than just distributing sweets, lighting diyas and bursting crackers. Ridhi Foundation in association with Jab We Ate , brought together the Dilwali Diwali…