The Salt House : A European Thoroughfare With A Twist

I was invited to revel in Kolkata's newest European destination that guaranteed I'd change my perception of European cuisine altogether. Curiosity led me to the 6th floor of the Shakespeare Point Building (that houses Club Boudoir and Fashion At Big Bazar) down number 40, Shakespeare Sarani; and what I encountered at The Salt House was nothing less than sheer bliss. For starters, The Salt House is unlike any European restaurant I've visited before because The Salt House is in fact, a Modern European thoroughfare with a Bengali Twist.

A Night Reveler’s Rikki

I'm glad the City of Joy has always given me more than enough reasons to be joyous- from the food to the city itself and not to forget, the people. Kolkata thrives on its nightlife culture. However, very few establishments in the city cater to the night bugs such as myself. Another reason for happiness that joins my list today is Rikki's Bar and Kitchen. Why you ask? I mean why won't you be happy when you find a place with good food and drinks that is open until the wee hours of the morning!

Sailing The Seas With The Coastal Macha

Disclaimer: I was invited by the management and PR of The Coastal Macha for a food tasting. What follows next is an honest experience. Take it with A Pinch Of Salt! I bask on coastal cuisine and having my roots based in Kolkata with a Goan Anglo-Indian and Irish lineage, only makes me appreciate sea food,…