What Your Favourite Egg Style Says About You

Preface: Are you ‘Egg-cited’ to know what your personality type is based on your ‘Eggs- factor’? Read on!

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Your Food-scope Tells You What To Eat

You are what you eat, they say!

Shouldn’t come as a surprise how closely interlinked your sun-sign is to food, isn’t it?

Taking a quirky look at the above, renowned global food channel Tastemade, brings you your Food Scope.

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A Broth Of Health You Could Relish

Not really a recipe person but this is something I had to share with all of you. Everyone wants lip smacking food but not every lip smacking food is necessarily good for health. If you’re someone like me who believes in soul food without compromising on taste, do give this a go:
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Healthy 5 Ingredient Breakfasts You Could Start Your Day With

Have a lot going on lately and don’t have time to whip up anything exotic for your first important meal of the day? Don’t have to head out to spend money on a lavish buffet. Just use any of these 5 Basic ingredients that are always available in your fridge to spruce up something healthy 🙂
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