Food is like art- subject to varied perceptions of taste; there may be times when I love something and you don’t and vice versa and it’s okay. Keeping the above in mind, I visited Skipper Virat Kohli’s culinary turf in the City of Joy: One8 Commune. Many will end up coming here for him initially and that’s no surprise there. However, if you’re expecting blingy, over the top loud flavours that are particular to most Indian tastebuds, I suggest you stop reading further and return to doing what you were before my aura distracted you.

Located at 13 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, right behind Farzi Cafe at Golden Park Hotel is a no-nonsense yet chic One8 Commune – 1 and 8 because that’s Virat Kohli’s jersey number, which you’ll eventually spot once inside. The decor is minimal where you’re bound to find nuances of Kolkata and the seating is adequately spaced -which is such an important thing during these unprecedented times.
During the time of my visit, the menu was digital and was provided to patrons on walk-ins after they’ve given their contact details to the hostess at the entrance. For those who are unaware, Virat and Anushka are vegan so care has been given to include Vegan delicacies as well. The overall menu created by Chef Pawan Bisht, is fusion global cuisine inspired by local favourites of Kolkata.

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Now here’s my honest verdict on the food. It’s delicious! I’m not saying it because I was invited for a tasting but my tastebuds simply became a Fangirl of One8 Commune on the first bite. Surprisingly, it was the Vegan dishes that stole my heart more than the regular vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Again, I’m not expecting people to agree with me here but here are the dishes I highly recommend:

Bamboo cashew nut tofu

1) Bamboo Cashewnut Tofu: Schezwan style Silken Tofu with bell pepper, scallion and cherry tomatoes. This was delectable from the word go! The perfect balance of flavour.
2) Googly Dimsums: This is supposed to be Skipper Virat Kohli’s favourite and I now understand why. These assorted Mushrooms with Coconut cream cheese and Truffle oil is a POWERHOUSE of flavour. You HAVE to try it out! Virat apparently had 36 of these.
3) Garlic Butter Prawns: The flavours are perfectly balanced with Tiger Prawns, Fresh Herbs, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and Olive oil having a literal party in my mouth.
4) One8 Commune Signature Chicken: Signature Chicken: Korean style chicken on a bed of molten Cheese is a slice of heaven you must not miss out on.
5) Bandel Mochar Chop: This is typically Echor Chop (Croquettes of Plantain Florets in a bed of local Bandel Cheese)

Special mention has to be given to their amazing drinks My Fair Lady and Signature Commune.

Additional Details:
Operational hours: 12 noon to 10pm
Pocket Pinch for 2: ₹1600++ without alcohol and ₹2400++ with alcohol
Reservations: 8335071818/ 8335051818

Made your mouth water didn’t I? Well, I honestly felt the same too, in fact, I was clean bowled. Had to be na? After all, tried this tasty treat at the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli’s culinary turf. I reckon you do give this a go and let me know how you liked or didn’t like it.

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