Preface: The title says it all. A lot of eateries, a whole lot of festive fervor. Come, check out the Ultimate Durga Puja Listicle of a myriad of offers pouring along. Let the feast begin!


It’s that time of the year again when the Indian calendar embarks the celebrations.  Navaratri or Durga Puja, whatever be the name; its sole purpose is simple- to embark thanksgiving and roistering. Come! join in the celebrations for your hankering at these delicious food festivals happening in  Kolkata.


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Date – 15th Oct to 19th Oct
Timings: Lunch- 12 noon to 4 p.m, Dinner : 7 :00 p.m. onwards
Pocket Pinch: INR 1400 AI for buffet

Kolkata’s much-loved hotel The Stadel is all geared up for the festivities. A special food festival ‘Dashobhujar Agomoni’ offering special menus at the various units of The Stadel has been curated by their in-house chef Gajendra. Want to know what you could gorge on? have a look at the menu below:


Welcome Drinks: Jaljeera & Gondhoraj Lebur Shorbat
Snacks Veg: Aam ada diye vegetable cutlets, crispy chili baby corn & Mochar chop
Snacks Non-Veg: Macher dimer bora, etki macher chop & green pepper chicken
Full Salad Bar: Green salad, chatpata aloo chaat,teekha lachcha piyaz, Lemon Mixed Pickle, Kachumber Salad & Pineapple Salad,
Chutney: Pora Tomato aar Rasoon Chutney, Kaancha Lanka Dhonepattar Chutney, Mix Fruit Chutney & Kaancha Aamer Misti Chutney
Soup: Hot & Sour Soup & Chicken Noodle Soup
Chaat counter: Papri Chaat & Dahi Vada.
Main Course Veg: Chatpata Subz, Muktomukhi Sukto, Paneer Lasooni Bahari, Kodaisuti Dhokar Dalna & Oriental Vegetables in Chilli Basil Sauce
Main Course Non – Veg: Murshidabad Mutton Kosha, Kolkata chicken Biriyani, Topse Bhaja, Prawn Malai Curry, Schezwan Chicken & Betki Maach Fry
Dal: Cholar Dal Narkel Diye & Dal Amritsari
Rice/Roti/ Luchi: Basanti Pulao, Luchi, Assorted Indian Bread & Sada Bhaat
Chinese section: Wok Tossed Schezwan Noodle & Singapore Veg Fried Rice
Desserts: Misti Doi, Baked Rosogolla, Shahi Tukra & Vanilla Ice Cream with toppings
Fried Papad & Misti Pan

If you thought this was over, try out a special Ala Carte menu at First Innings and Rasam till the 19th of October!



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Date – 15th Oct to 19th Oct
Timings: Lunch – 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm; Dinner – 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm; Midnight: 12:00 am – 3:00 am
Pocket Pinch:Lunch: INR 1525++; Dinner: INR 1695++; Midnight Buffet:INR 1270++

The splendor of the festival is sure to get magnified by the elaborate Pujo special menu, curated by the team of chefs, on display at JW Kitchen, JW Marriott Kolkata. The menu, on offer for lunch and dinner, will primarily comprise of Bengali Cuisine which reflects the rich taste and heritage of the city. A special Midnight Buffet will also be open for night time snacking, for all those pandal hopping guests and patrons too. What can one savour at this Bhuri bhoj? ‘Echorer Chop’, ‘Mochar Chop’, ‘Piyaj Posto Bora’, ‘Gondhoraj Fish Tikka’, ‘Chanar Chop’, ‘Kasundi Fish Fry’ and ‘Narkol Posto Bora’, Aloo Chechki’, ‘EchorerDalna’, ‘Aam Kasundi Paneer’, ‘Kachalonka Murgi’, ‘Mutton Dakbanglow’, ‘PostoMurgi’, Paach Misali Tarkari’, ‘Ghee Bhaat’, ‘Gondhoraj Masur Dal’ ‘Mutton Roganjosh’ and ‘Dhonepata Chicken’. Assorted varieties of biryanis can also be savored-‘Hilsa Biryani and, ‘Kolkata Chicken Biryani’ to name a few- Need I say more?


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Date – 12th – 19th October 2018
Timings: Lunch: 12:30 – 4:00 pm; Dinner: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Pocket Pinch: INR 1399 ++;  Unlimited Beverage Package at INR 599 AI (Ballentines, Absolute, Jacobs’s Red and White Wine, Beefeater Gin)

The Westin Kolkata gets to embark on a holy food trail this Durga Puja with an elaborately designed food fiesta. Pujor Mahabhoj is a week-long food festival at Seasonal Tastes, that consists of an exquisitely planned Pujo menu featuring an eclectic array of delicious regional cuisines, starters, and desserts, making sure that you can make the most of your festive celebratory feast.
Drawing inspiration from the streets of Kolkata and Bangali gharanas, guests get to merrily munch on local street delights like ‘Kathi rolls’, ‘Jhal Muri’, ‘Churmur’, ‘Aloo Kabuli’, ‘Phuchka’, ‘Ghughni’ and more.

Want a traditional main course? gorge on the ‘Kolkata Biryani’, ‘Kosha Mangsho’, ‘Dhokar Dalna’, ‘Chhanar Kalia’, and ‘Doi Murgi’. Bengali meals are incomplete without Fish, and keeping that in mind, the menu will cater to delicacies like ‘Machher Paturi’, ‘Machher Jhal’ and ‘Sorse Machh’, prepared from popular fish varieties like ‘Rui’, ‘Pabda’, ‘Chittol’, ‘Katla’, ‘Bagda’ and ‘Golda Chingri’. Alongside the Bengali menu, try out a few Mughlai favorites such as ‘Chicken Chaap’, ‘Gosht Rezala’, ‘Mughlai Paratha’ and ‘Murg Handi’. Of course, how can any menu at Seasonal Tastes be complete without desserts! So enjoy the likes of ‘Chhena Jalebi’, ‘Kheer Kadombo’, ‘Pantua’, ‘Chamcham’, ‘Komala Bhog’, ‘Seetabhog’, ‘Rosogolla’ or ‘Mishti Doi’.


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Date – 8th – 21st October 2018
Timings: 12 .30pm –1 am
Pocket Pinch: INR 1200++for two

Salt Lake Sector V has another reason to celebrate with the vivacious SlyFox Gastro club, launching a Puja Special Menu. Delicious Bengali delights with a Sly twist is what the patrons would look forward to! What can one expect to savor? How about items like the Victoria Shake, Bela Sorbet, Black Tango, Eggs Nest, Crumb Fried Begun Bhaja Salsa, Aloo Moshai, Gondhoraj Fish Tikka, Tandoori Pomfret, Luchi aar Kosha Mangsho, Kakrar Tagine, Prawn Malai Curry, Sorse Bhetki, Sly Kheer, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake,…should I stop or will you be making your reservations today?


Date: October 4th- October 21st,2018
Time: Noon- 1am
Pocket Pinch:
INR 1,000- 1,200 (Food Only) Average Meal for two INR1800 (Food & Cocktails)

A very good reason to head to Monkey Bar in any of the four cities to check out the Next Stop Kolkata. So many not to be missed things, including personal favorites, the Chicken Rezala, Aloor Dum, Ghoogni and many more. Kol inspired cocktails to boot. So head there; better than ordering in!“Next Stop Kolkata”- all day from October 4-21, 2018, brings you Kolkata’s finest flavors, just off the streets, whether you’re sitting in Monkey Bar Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Kolkata!

From the Beadon Street Fish Roll to Girish Park-er Shoitan Deem, College Street Hing-er Kochuri to Chitpur Road Chicken Rezala, from Tiretti Bazaar Prawn Dumpling to Esplanade Mughlai Porota, Vardaan Market Moong Daal Pakodi Chaat to Elgin Road Pork Momos, Lake Market Chicken Kabiraji to Vivekanand Park Ghooghni … the menu covers it all- vegetarians and non-vegetarians. And if all that food leaves you parched, there’s Piara Peara, Puchka Caipiroshka, Thaanda Chaa and other heady libations to keep you hydrated!


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Date: October 8 – 21st October, 2018
Time: 12 noon to 11pm
Pocket PinchBuffet: INR 1000++per head for food only;
Ala- Carte: Meal for Two without alcohol-INR1500 ++/ Meal for two including alcohol-INR1900++

The Fatty Bao, Kolkata ushers in the Puja celebrations with two distinct offerings this year – a delicious All-DayAla-carte Asian Specials Menu inspired by the ingredients and flavors of Bengal, for those looking for a relaxed, discerning dining experience and a sumptuous Old School Chinese Buffet for lunch and dinner only.
Executive Chef Prashanth and Head Chef Sumit have put together a special menu that celebrates the best of ingredients and produces of Bengal with the Day Ala-carte Asian Specials Menu. With ample vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, the menu draws inspiration from Asia’s diverse culinary repertoire with each dish having its own distinctive style and flavor.

Must tries include Mustard Marinated Chicken Bao with the distinct and much loved kasundi mayo, Gondhoraj kimchi, shichimi powder, sesame seeds and micro greens; Baked Aubergine, served with Gobindhobhog rice, tossed seasonal vegetables, spicy soy sesame and chili sauce; Whole Bhetkiserved with wok tossed vegetables, Thai fragrant rice and Singapore sauce, crackling mustard, coriander micro-greens, seven spice powder with lemon wedges. Sichuan King Prawns prepared with Dalesauce, green vegetables, mustard micro green, Gondhoraj lemon zest, fried garlic, and chili oil.  The vegetarian offering includes Stuffed Mushroom, made with three-pepper sauce, fried garlic, seven-spice powdered, crispy chili oil, beetroot micro-greens, and ABC sweet soy, Penang Tofu – tossed with Malay spicy peanut sauce, fried garlic, Togarashi, micro greens, chili oil, sliced red chilies, and lime.

End your meal with an order of jasmine Tea Mousse– milk chocolate Jasmine Tea mousse with caramelize honey Panna Cotta, chocolate tuille and coffee ice-cream.


Date – 16th Oct to 18th Oct
Timings: Lunch- 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Pocket Pinch: INR 579 AI

Who would have thought that Salt Lake’s favorite pub and grub could be ringing in the festivities with a delicious lunch spread! Yes guys Pour House, Sector V is bringing in a delicious lunch spread that evokes Baangaliyana in every bite. Want to know what you could gorge on? have a look at the menu below:

Veg:-Dal Bara, Veg Grill Pizza, Crispy Chilly Baby Aloo, Tandoori Babri Aloo
Non-Veg: -Chicken Supreme, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Lollipop, Chilli Fish, Panco Fish Finger, Afghani Murgh
Main course:
Veg:-Noodles, Veg Manchurian, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Veg Biryani
Non-Veg:-Kochi Patha Jhol, Chicken Kasa, Fish Kasundi
Assorted Indian Breads (Nan/Tandoori Roti/Laccha Paratha)
Green Salad, Papad/Chutney
Brownie with Ice-cream, Gulab Jamun, Pastry


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Date: Till October 24th, 2018
Timings: Lunch (12pm – 4pm) and Dinner (7:30pm – 12am)
Pocket Pinch: INR 800++ per person

Want to savor the Mexican fervor in Kolkata? well, look no further as Cafe 4/1 has an exotic spread of Mexican delights as the venue hosts Mexican food festival on till October 24. Treat your taste buds with a variety of dishes on offer that includes lip-smacking starters like Empanadas, Taco, Tortilla Soup Platter, Avocado Cold Soup while the must-try dishes in the main course would be Chimichanga Burrito Rolls, Mole Poblano and how can I forget the inclusion of desserts with the likes of\ Sopaipilla Mexicana and Paletas among other dishes.


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Date: October 14th- October 19th, 2018
Timings: Lunch- 12:30pm till 4pm; Dinner- 7:30pm till Midnight
Pocket Pinch: INR 1649++

Treat your taste buds with royalty as The Astor Hotel Kolkata presents ‘Bangalir Henshel’, a sumptuous Bengali Buffet spread.  Through ‘Bangalir Henshel’, enhance your Bangaliana by savoring the authentic culinary delights of Bengal such as Murshidabadi Matir Harir Kosha Mangsho, Chingrir Malai Curry, Pomfret Aam Aada Sorshe, Nababi Mangshor Tikia, Gandhoraj Fish Roll, Piyaj Morich Mourola, Mochar Ghonta, and many more lip-smacking delicacies.


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Date: October 15th-October 19th, 2018
Timings: Lunch-12pm-4pm; Dinner- 7pm-11pm
Pocket Pinch: INR 1500 AI per person

If there is Durga Puja, how can Kolkata’s heritage hotel, The Kenilworth stay away from the festivities? The property is hosting a special Durga Puja Buffet spread for all its patrons. Want to know what you could gorge on? have a look at the menu below:

Main Course
Daab Chingri, 
Murgir Korma, Cholar Daal, Lau Bori, Sorshe Ilish, Chicken Aalur Biryani, Posto Murgi, Chorchori, Chittagong  Murgir Mosala, Sorse Palak Phool Kopi

Kheer Kadam, 
Malai Chom Chom, Mishti Doi, Jalbhara Sandesh, Misti doi cheesecake, Rasmadhuri



Date: October 15th- October 21st, 2018
Timings: 10:30am- Midnight
Pocket Pinch: Ala Carte basis

From Russia with Love. This is what Milee Droog Cafe and Bistro aim at spreading this Pujo season.  Their Durga Puja menu is an extensive menu with varied items of soups, salads, appetizers, pizzas, main course and desserts with a Russian-Bengali twist. Some of the items you could savor are Quinoa Avocado Salad, Crab Salad, Pelmeni Veg, Rajma Masala Bliny, Tacos with Chana Masala, Chicken Tikka Bliny, Mishwi Kebab – Mutton marinated with Lebanese spice served with Thom salsa, Cajun Chicken Pizza, Pizza Diavola – Spicy hot and chili flavors, Baked Jalfrezi Lasagne or even Sweet Bliny – a rabri and kalakand flavoured bliny. Happy Hogging!


Date: October 16th- October 19th, 2018
Timings: Lunch- 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM; Dinner- 7:00 PM to Midnight ; Mid-night buffet-12:00AM to 02:00AM,
Ashtami Mahabhoj- 12noon- 4pm
Pocket Pinch: INR 1999++ for lunch and dinner; INR 999++ for Mifnight Buffet and Ashtami Mahabhoj

Puja is incomplete without good food and thus Hyatt Regency Kolkata brings you something special this year. Celebrate the special days with a lavish buffet spread. Starting from the scrumptious lunch spread at 12 noon to ending it with the lovely midnight buffet at 3 AM, dig into the best Pujo Bhog at the Pujo celebration at Waterside Café. There is also a special Ashtami Mahabhoj on the 17th where patrons can choose from a variety of delicacies featuring the much-loved khichudi, luchhi, mishit doi and much more at the Thakur Bharir Bhog at Regency Ballroom.


Date: October 12th- October 21st, 2018
Timings: Lunch-12pm to 4:30pm; Dinner-7pm to 12am
Pocket Pinch: Unlimited Veg Thali- INR 1049 (Walk-In); Unlimited Non-Veg Thali- INR1249 AI (Walk-In),
You can also book the thalis through Little App and BookMyShow

Kolkata’s newest favorite Baangaliana Sonar Tori has launched a special UNLIMITED “Durga Puja Thali, to ring in the festivities. Yes, you read that right! UNLIMITED! The special Thali comprises of a welcome drink with choice of five starters, nine main course dishes, one portion of pulao, rice or luchi, chutney and papad, followed by three desserts. Now if this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is!


Date: October 12th- October 21st, 2018
Timings: Noon to Midnight
Pocket Pinch: Ala Carte Basis

Kolkata and Chinese food go hand in hand, isn’t it? So why does the city’s well-loved Buddha Bites be left behind to usher in the Pujas? With a special Celebration Menu, Patrons get their favorite oriental delights at tempting prices! Go ahead with your Manchow-ha selections!


Date: October 16th- October 19th, 2018
Timings: Saptami to Bijaya (16th to 19th October) lunch, and Saptami to Nabami (16th to 18th) dinner
Pocket Pinch: INR 2250++ per person

The cumulative essence of traditional Bengali cuisine and its stellar highlights at The Oberoi Grand Kolkata this year are joined by some rare and age-old recipes from the heartlands of Bengal.
This year’s menus spanning Saptami to Dashami cater to the food connoisseur as well as the first time experiencing the limitless range of Bengali food; from the binge-eater, foodie, pandal-hopper and the fashionista as well as the insta-addict.


Date: October 15th- October 18th, 2018
Timings: Lunch-1pm-4pm ;Dinner : 7:30pm to 11:30pm; Midnight Dinner : 0030 hrs to 0300 hrs
Special Navratri Thali: at lunch & dinner.
Pocket Pinch: INR 2200++ for lunch and dinner; Midnight buffet- INR 1250++

From Sashthi to Navami, bring untainted heart and an empty stomach to satiate your foodie pleasure at Alfresco, at The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata with Festive Indulgence. Satiate your taste buds to an elaborate spread comprising of traditional favorites for lunch, dinner and midnight buffet!


Date: October 15-October 19th, 2018
Pocket Pinch:
 Veg Thali- INR 2200++, Non-Veg Thali- INR 2500++; Sea Food Thali- INR 2900++

Bringing in flavors of Kolkata in one place is Taj Bengal Kolkata with their Pujo Special Thali. The Thali is perfect if you are looking for a set signature Bengali dishes.


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Celebrate Pujos, The Park Way with these multiple offers happening at their respective outlets:


Date: October 16th to 18th
Time: Lunch: 12:30pm-4pm
Price: INR 2495 ++

The extravagant buffet spread includes dishes from all parts of the state. The menu highlights consist of starters like Anglo Indian Butter Fish Fry, Beetroot and onion piyazi. The main course includes Chingri Malai Curry, Kacha Lonka Diye Murghi, Kosha Mangsho, Dhokar Dalna, Aloo Dum, Suktuni along with Mishty Pulao, luchi and end sweet note with Sponge Rosogolla, Mishty Doi, Sita Bhog and Vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce, for all our vegetarian and non-vegetarian patrons.

The Bridge

Date: October 15th to 19th
Time: Lunch: 12:30pm-3:30pm| Dinner: 7:30pm- 11:30pm
Price: INR 2295 A.I without alcohol / INR 3495 A.I with unlimited alcohol / INR 2495 A.I 1 Pint beer or 1 Glass of wine

Durga Puja calls for fusion buffet and we have a curated menu for all days of puja both lunch and dinner different from each day including Live Band also Live Dhaaki with a Puja experience. 
The buffet starts with making your own salads, bhaja & street chat station, for the starters, there are items like Bengali Fish chop, Babycorn Pepper Salt. The main course includes lip-smacking dishes like Vegetable in hot garlic sauce, Fish in honey chili sauce, Tangra style chilli chicken and burnt garlic noodles. From the Bengals favorite you have, Chingri Malai Curry, Sorshe Maach, Mutton Rezala, Potol Palong Saag Diye, Bori Diye Mochar Ghonto, Aloo Phulkopi, along with Matar Sutti Pulao. Savor into a pool of desserts, Chennar Payesh, Pineapple forest gateaux, baked chocolate cheesecake, Strawberry mint mousse, Gorom langcha, orange basil mousse, gur dhakai payesh, komola bhog, sorbhaja and the list continuous.


Date: October 15th to 19th
Time: 12 noon to 2:30am
Price: Veg  Thali – INR 1095 A.I / with 1-pint beer INR 1995 A.I; Non-Veg Thali – INR 1695 A.I / with 1-pint beer INR 2495 A.I
What: Puja Mahabhoj with Live Band, Live Dhaaki and the Live Puja experience.


Date: The entire October
Time: 12 noon to 9pm
Pocket Pinch: Approx INR 500 for two

Pujo is all about merriment and what better way to celebrate than with a sweet spoon of Halwa! City’s favorite Paranthe Wali Galli is celebrating “TYOHAR KA HALWA” with over 10 flavors of Halwa- yes you read that right! Apart from the quintessential dal ka halwa, badam halwa, atta halwa, gajar halwa or lauki halwa, you also get to try the likes of Adrak ka halwa, Ande ka Halwa,
Gulab ka Halwa too! Now, who wants a bite!


Date: All of October
Time: 10am- 8:30pm
Pocket Pinch: Ala carte Basis

A classic hangout zone, much loved by the youngsters since the last 10 years, has decided to give this all American love, a blending twist. The Phataphati Burgers takes the classic favorite Puja flavors and turns them into a burger which includes Kancha Lonka Chicken, Paneer Kashundi, Chingri Malai, Mutton Rezala, Alu Posto and many more. Now isn’t that  Phataphati news?!


Date: October 15-October 19,2018
Time: Lunch Buffet- 12:30pm-3:30pm, Happy Hours- 5pm-7pm; Dinner- 7:30pm-1am
Pocket Pinch:  Lunch Buffet- INR 699++, Dinner- Ala carte Basis

Celebrate this festivities with Kolkata’s newest hotspot Hola Kolkata . The outlet has captured the imagination of their patrons with an elaborate lunch buffet spread, an Ashtami Mahabhoj and a specially curated Ala carte menu too! That’s not all!  There is special Pujo Alacarte Menu for dinner followed with Dj till 1am.


Phew! an exhaustive list isn’t it? Don’t forget to tag me in all your food moments! Here’s to a lot of hullor and hogging! Let the Feastivites begin with A PINCH OF SALT!

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