Preface: Five establishments in Kolkata have decided to pay their tribute to the Monsoon season, by introducing a curated Monsoon festival, you would die to be a part of! Read on!


Image Courtesy: Rahul Kshetry

Think of Tea and a plethora of imaginative thoughts come pouring onto your grey cells like Walter Mitty.  You’re either imagining yourself right atop the cold mountains, sipping a hot cup of replenishment outside your balcony; or just sitting by the window sill on a dull rainy day, thoroughly consumed by penned emotions evoked from a book as you sip your cup of dreams.

Come monsoons and we Indians get obsessed with a cup of good ol’ Cutting Chai, accompanied with some hot and crispy goodness’ coming straight from our kitchen, isn’t it?

I mean who could resist a plate of scrumptious pakodas, fries, or just a simple sponge cake, and how could I even forget about the iconic combination of Bun Maska with my cup of steaming hot Ginger Tea!

You don’t really need a reason to enjoy a cup of tea anyway, but, when you contemplate, monsoons do play a catalyst when it comes to savoring the most beloved beverage in existence. And it’s not just your milky concoctions I’m talking about, but also the liquid gold per say.

Well, 5 establishments in Kolkata have taken it upon themselves to bring out our inner Petrichor this monsoon by giving us a curated food festival that stands as a tribute to the pitter patter!

1) Monsoon Chai Evenings, JW Lounge

Monsoon Chai Evenings at JW Lounge

Giving our evening tea a little makeover, JW Marriott Kolkata has introduced a High Tea that’s very apt for the Monsoon season.
The Monsoon Chai Evenings is a month-long affair from July 24-August 24 between 4pm-6:30pm that gives the perfect Tribute to our Chai.

Patrons would be greeted to a selection of artisanal teas that are served with chili, cheese or herb rusks alongside a vegetarian or non-vegetarian titbit platter.

My non-vegetarian platter comprised of the open lamb slider, Grilled Chicken Supreme, Cheddar Baked Nachos, Onion Frittata and some good ol’ moong daal pakoda popcorn, with a sweet stack of the Imarti tower. All these are priced at INR 555++, which I think is pretty good for a luxurious Tete e Tea!

On Till: August 24, 2018
Pocket Pinch: 
INR 555++

2) Spiced Ice Tea Festival, Cafe Pranah

Spiced Ice Tea Festival at Cafe Pranah

Humid weather of Calcutta killing you? Well, if you want a completely healthy, unadulterated and refreshing tryst to your Chai time, then head out to Cafe Pranah, down Hazra for a unique Spiced Ice Tea festival that comprises of over 7 varieties of Ice teas for you to get replenished and hydrated through the month.  Here are some of the Ice teas you could savor from the menu:

  • Orange and Cinnamon: Brewed Cinnamon tea sweetened with orange juice. It is good for people trying to lose weight as it increases the body metabolism.
  • Curry Leaf and Honey: Honey flavored green tea with mashed homemade curry leaves.
  • Pepper and Vanilla:  A dessert tea that is brewed with Assam tea, flavored with real vanilla and black pepper. Pepper is good for sinus and throat problems while Vanilla acts as a nerve relaxant.
  • Gandharaj and Chilli: This green tea based iced tea is a very good hangover curer and is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It has shavings of Gandharaj zest with honey as a sweetener.
  •  Wild Berry and Nutmeg: This tea comprises of home-grown mint, berries, and nutmeg. Nutmeg is a very good nerve relaxant and blends perfectly with wild berries.
  •  Red Chilli and Pomegranate: This tea is a concoction of pomegranate seeds, red chili with a hint of ginger. Pomegranate seeds act as immunity boosters and increase the hemoglobin. Chilli, on the other hand, opens up our senses/tastebuds.
  • Mint and Ginger: Home brewed Assam tea, flavored with homegrown mint and young ginger that acts as a good digestive aid.

On Till: August 31, 2018
All day
Pocket Pinch:
INR 109 onwards

3) Sly Tea Festival, Slyfox Gastroclub

Sly Tea Festival at Slyfox Gastroclub

Remember the time we used to sit for hours outside college over glasses of hot cutting chai and munching on basically every kind of street food we could think of? Well, the newly opened Sly Fox Gastroclub in Sector V Salt Lake brings back the same nostalgic essence with their Sly Tea Festival. The curated Sly tea menu is over and above their regular High Tea menu, where patrons can savor 5 vegetarian/ non-vegetarian street food munchies over unlimited cups of cutting chai. While the Vegetarian Menu is priced at INR 295++, The Non-Vegetarian menu is priced at INR 345++

On Till: August 10th, 2018
3:30pm- 6pm
Pocket Pinch:
Veg Menu- INR 295++; Non-Veg Menu- INR 345++

4) Monsoon Magic Tea Festival, The Tea Trove

Monsoon Magic Tea Festival at The Tea Trove

Monsoon Magic is a one-month long health tea festival initiated by Calcutta’s favorite tea-brand- The Tea Trove– for patrons to savor a delectable spread of teas that replenish the mind, body, and soul.

You could go for flavors like the Green Mango Tea, Durbari Kahwa, Assam Masala, Sweet Ginger, Rose delight or the Rosehip Hibiscus. The festival is ongoing at all  The Tea Trove outlets across the city. You could even pick up a packet of these curated teas on the menu too!

On Till: August 15th, 2018
All Day
Pocket Pinch:
Starting INR 287/100gm packet, else Ala Carte

5) Monsoon Adda, The Novotel

Representational Image courtesy: Archana’s Kitchen

Experience the essence of a typical Kolkata Adda this monsoon with Novotel Rajarhat, as they bring to you their 2-week Monsoon Adda promotion. Patrons get a chance to rejoice the quintessential cutting chai and vegetarian/non-vegetarian accompaniments for a stellar price of INR 249 and INR 299 only!

On Till: August 14th, 2018
Pocket Pinch:
Veg Menu- INR 249; Non-Veg Menu- INR 299


So there you go, guys! Sip, Savour and Enjoy your Monsoons like never before!

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