Preface: Tell me something honestly? How many of us could go on eating outside food on a daily basis just to avoid carrying tiffins? You can take it from me in writing that 99% would give up within the first 2 weeks and crave for home cooked food easily. So why the hesitation to carry a traditional home cooked meal to work or school? Many sight the problems like the leaking of liquids (dal, raita, soups) or the food simply going cold; and though there are microwaves, the essence of that hot meal packed for you in the morning is gone. Well, time to bid goodbye to all these problems and bring in a new kind of Meal culture that is bound to make you emotional towards tiffin boxes once again. Say hello to the Vaya Life.

There are products that need great advertisements to make you want to check it out and then there are some that make you sit up and take notice right away. Vaya not only comes under the latter category but also ensures that this is one investment you would not regret making towards your own health.

A startup based in Chennai circa 2016, Vaya is headed by a young 32-year-old entrepreneur Vashist Vasanthakumar, who left the high life in America, to find meaning back in his Motherland, India. He was ridiculed for wanting to manufacture lunch boxes for a living after having worked as the youngest director at Apple Inc Phone Operations after for almost a decade.

Two years later, Vashist is proving everyone wrong.

Today, Vaya is selling over 10,000 units of lunch boxes per month and is gaining popularity not only in the country itself but also in the US for a design made and registered in Chennai. The company has estimated a 400cr mark by 2020.

For appetites large or small, Vaya Tyffyns have two convenient sizes to choose from. The Tyffyn 1000 is a three-container lunchbox perfect for a hearty meal, while the Tyffyn 600 is a two-container lunchbox ideal for children or a light meal.

Apart from lunch boxes, Vaya also showcases other products like sippers, bag mats, and food containers. These are currently available only online and can be purchased either from their website or through Amazon.


So Why is Vaya Tyffyn a Tiffin Box of Innovation?

    1. Convenient collapsible handle
    2. Keeps your food hot or cold for 5-6 Hours*
    3. Stainless steel slim body easily fits in your bag
    4. Leak-resistant lids with integrated gaskets for easier cleaning
    5. Partitions – Carry more than one dish in each container
    6. Heat-protective finger grip
    7. Copper-coated stainless steel containers
    8. Stainless steel pressurizing latches

Here’s Why You Should Be Investing In Vaya Tyffyn : A Pinch Of Salt Review

I received their bestseller – The Vaya Tyffyn 1000 for a review and here’s my take.

  1. First of all, I honestly fell in love with their sleek design and who wouldn’t be? From a maple-wood demeanour to even a sweater look, our nostalgia with showing off lunch boxes are rekindled.
  2. The lunch box is high-quality, copper-finished with smart-sized stainless steel containers and has leak-resistant double-shot lids, that puts a full stop to spillage and messy bags once and for all.
  3. The Vaya promise of keeping my food warm and fresh for 5-6 hours is maintained.  My lunch packed at 7 am, remained warm till 1:30pm and that’s commendable. Especially because heating your food in the microwave may be a quick solution but it’s completely unhealthy in the long run.

    Want to keep your food hot and fresh for longer hours? Heres what you should do:

  4. Vaya Tyffyn comes with dividers that help include variety into your lunch. With these dividers, you can pack up to 6 varieties of dishes into sleek and leak-proof containers.  Most dishes come with indispensable sides! Be it Parathas and raita, idlis and chutney, or idiyappam and korma. That being the case, Vaaya changes the old-school method of stuffing vegetables inside rice or pickles into chapatis. The Divider ensures you won’t have that Raita sneaking into your chapatis, making it soggy.
  5. What I enjoyed the most about my Vaya Tyffyn was the BagMat provided with the product (sold separately otherwise). It’s an incredibly smart shoulder bag to carry your lunch box that unzips into a table mat. It is water-resistant and comes with a detachable pouch to place your cutlery. The BagMat is extremely easy to clean and maintain for daily usage.  What’s more? the insulated coating also aids in keeping your food warm for even longer hours.  Hec, it’s even perfect for a picnic for two!

Overall Verdict

Vaya ensures a smarter and healthier way to carry food. It’s definitely a long-term investment one must make for their holistic well- being.

I highly recommend you grab your Vaya Tyffyn and if you do like my review, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTubeand Pinterest.

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