Preface: Like every year, the Mango Monarchy is here yet again to rule your hearts and taste buds this summer. I for one always used to associate my school summer holidays with the advent of Mangoes. These delicious, luscious and juicy treasures are currently dawning a new avatar at these SIX specially curated Mango festivals in Kolkata. Go ahead and take your pick!

1. Mango Mela, The Westin

Celebrating Mangoes wholeheartedly is The Seasonal Tastes at The Westin, Rajarhat with their Mango Mela.

What’s so special about this unique Mango carnival?

Well for starters, there would be a wide spread of Mango based drinks, salads, starters, street food, main course and desserts; using at least 26 varieties of mangoes from across the country.

Mango delicacies to watch out for from the buffet section are ‘Mango Lime Lassi’, ‘Kairi ka Jaljeera’, ‘Flambéed Mango’, ‘Stir-fried Shrimps with Mango’, ‘Aam aur Dahi ke Kebab’.

Don’t have the appetite for buffet? Try the Ala Carté menu and gorge on to delicate like ‘Chilled Mango Cappuccino With Coconut Foam’,
‘Prosciutto De Parma With Fresh Mango, Mozzarella And Balsamic’, ‘Aam Gosth Ka Quorma’, ‘Mango And
Chilli Risotto With Basil’, ‘Fresh Cut Mango With Vanilla Ice Cream’ and much more.

Date: Till May 27

Timings: Lunch/Brunch-12:30 -3:00pm; Dinner: 7:00 – 11:00 pm

For Reservations: +91 33 4037 1234

Pricing: Lunch – INR 999++
Dinner – INR 1199++ Brunch (Sunday only) – INR 1399++

2. Deewana-E-Aam, Paranthe Wali Gali

Savour Mangoes like never before with Deewana-E-Aam festival at Kolkata’s favorite Paranthe Wali Gali.

With a limited edition menu curated by Chef Rahul Arora, the festival dedicates drinks, desserts and even Paranthas to the King of fruits- The Mango.

What would be some of the delicacies included in the menu?

Mango Chicken Paranthas, Hapus Ki Kulfi, Aam aur Makai ka halwa, Khoya Aamsatt Parantha etc.

Date: Till June 15

Timings: 9am- 9pm

Pricing Ala Carté (Between INR 89- INR 139)

3.Mango Unchained, Monkey Bar

With the intention of setting Mangoes free this summer is Monkey Bar, with its Mango Unchained festival.

The festival aims on taking traditional mango favourites from India and around the world and creating new shapes and forms of them you’ve never seen before and is ongoing across pan India outlets across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

A dedicated Mango based desserts and drinks are up for grabs and I promise you won’t stop indulging.

Try the Mango Lassi Kulfi or Mango Falooda Ice-cream Sandwich; Mango Tres Leche, Mango Tart, Mangorita, Mango Colada, M Passion or even the Mango Nutella Shake there is something for everyone.

Date: Till May 27

Timings: 12 noon till Midnight

For Reservation: +91 33 4060 6446

Pricing: Ala Carté

4.Colour Me Mango, The Fatty Bao

This summer, The Fatty Bao gets ready to welcome the King of Fruits with the ‘Colour Me Mango’s festival.

Patrons get to feast on some amazing mango desserts and inventive cocktails at all The Fatty Bao outlets across Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. 

Try out some refreshing Mango cocktails like Mango Merry, where the classic Bloody Mary gets a makeover with raw mangoes replacing tomatoes and a sinful combination of vodka, peppers, jalapeno and tamarind.

Dessert lovers can indulge in the Mango Cremeux with black sesame sponge, raspberry sorbet, green tea crumble, sesame nougatine and raspberry gel.

Date: May 27

Timings: Lunch12 noon-3:30pm; Dinner- 7pm- 11:30pm

Reservations: +91 91237 01014

Pricing:  Desserts from INR 300++ per plate onwards; Cocktails from INR 400++; Mocktails: from INR 200++ each

5.Aamlicious Festival, Khandani Rajdhani

The city’s favorite thali delight brings an irresistible ‘Aamlicious’ mango menu for all its patrons.

Khandani Rajdhani’s award winning chefs have brought together the very best mango preparations to brighten up your summer a little bit more.

The menu is rotational, which means patrons get to savour at least 3 mango preparations for every meal.

The lavish spread includes a mix of popular and rare Mango delicacies such as Aam Dal Dhokli, Aam Khasta Kachori, Aamchuri Gunda ki Sabzi, Aamras boondi, Hapus Jalebi, Kachi Kairi Khichiya Chaat, among others. And of course, don’t miss the show stopper- The Aam Ras!

Come! Be treated with Royalty!

Date: Till June 15

Timings: Lunch- 12noon- 3:30pm; Dinner- 7pm- 11pm

Reservations: +91 81004 30407

Pricing: Monday- Friday: INR 450 AI; Tuesday: INR 263 AI; Saturday -Sunday: INR 463 AI

6. Mango Mania, The Kenilworth

The city’s heritage hotel, The Kenilworth is all set to bring about a Mango Mania in Kolkata.

The special festival pays a humble tribute to the summer favourite- the Mango- with a range of desserts and mocktails, available at all outlets – Mae Kong, Aromas and The Big Ben through the day.

Be it replenishing a Mango Mastani or a Chocolate Aam Lassi; or simply gorging on the Mango cheesecake or an Alphonso mango platter- satiate your mango craving here.

Date: Till June 15

Timings: 12 noon-10:45pm

Pricing: Ala Carté

So go ahead and refresh yourself with Royalty and don’t forget to tag me in all your Mangolicious pictures.

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