Preface: Celebrated annually on April 12th, National Pet Day is an unofficial holiday that encourages all of us to pay our pets some extra attention. So if you have a pet, do something special for them today. Buy them a special treat, spend a little bit of extra time with them or simply take them out to these Pet Cafes. After all, don’t they deserve it?



Woodhouse- The Pet Cafe, Kolkata


,Woodhouse- The Pet Cafe is a pet zone located at Topsia Road, inside the Haute Street Commercial complex, Kolkata. Pet Lovers are in for a major treat because this cafe is not restricted to just dogs or cats, but also is home to uncaged birds and an aquarium. The cafe caters to finger food for humans and pet food for your pets. Not just that, Woodhouse also offers packages for your pet birthday parties.


TherPup, Bangalore


TherPup is short for two words- ‘Therapy’ and ‘Puppies’. Log into their official website and it reads something which would want to make you want to head to Whitefield, Bangalore, right this instant.
“We are used to being called the most magical place in Bangalore that houses ten (big and small, large and tiny, thin and fat, excited and very very happy) dogs. We started with one simple mission –
providing the endless love of dogs to everyone deprived of it and a bigger family to dog owners”

What’s more? TherPup also provides a “Supercharge” facility where you could get the same love and affection of the in-house furry friends right to your home, office, school or private parties. Bring me some slurp will you!?

Cat Cafe Studio, Mumbai

Known as India’s first dedicated Cat Cafe in Mumbai, Cat Café Studio (CCS) is open to cat lovers and enthusiasts alike. You could lounge in the company of their cats, while you sip on freshly brewed coffee or devour a slice of cake that’s come straight from the oven. Cat Café currently hosts between 30 to 40 cats and there is no entry charge or hourly pay for visits for playing with these lovely felines.

Puppychino, Delhi

Delhi’s first dog cafe Puppychino is owned by Nayani and Mallika Tandon. This is basically a cafe located at Shahpur Jat for pets and their ‘hoomans’ with also a co-working space!
Not only that, there is a dedicated play area and a specially crafted menu for your loving fur balls, along with pet merchandises like collars, leashes, bows, bandanas, treats and grooming tools.

The doggie menu has delicious food preparations from pancakes, muffins to whole meals. As for the dog parents, they can have their own pick of shakes, pizzas, pasta and more from the ‘Hooman food’ menu.


So go ahead and pamper your furballs. They deserve all the love like you do too! Let me know what you did on National Pet Day!


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