Disclaimer: I was invited by the management of Aajisai, Kolkata for food tasting. What follows next is an honest experience. Take it with A Pinch Of Salt!

My tryst with Japanese cuisine has been a rarity; having first tried the same at a workshop conducted in Hyatt Regency last year. Thus, when I was invited to savor Japanese cuisine at Kolkata’s newest luxury Japanese restaurant Aajisai, I couldn’t resist the offer. It was mostly because I wanted to learn more about their delicacy. So go ahead and read all about this idiot’s experience at one of the most talked about restaurants in Kolkata.

The Ambiance


Located on the 5th floor of Quest Mall Kolkata, Aajisai is the city’s first and only conveyor belt cum automated tray service establishment that serves authentic Japanese cuisine.

I hear they are in the testing phase of making it an all-robot service restaurant soon.

Image Courtesy: LBB, Kolkata

The word ‘Aajisai’ in Japanese context is a purple flower, which symbolizes ‘togetherness’ and since Japanese tradition is all about family bonding, there couldn’t have been a perfect name. The brand comes from the house of Fuji, Matsuri, and Japanese Garden– some of the well known Japanese cuisine hubs in Kolkata and is owned by Mr. Palash Banerjee who has stayed in Japan for 26 years.

Image Courtesy: LBB, Kolkata

The ambiance is tastefully done with a conveyer belt system for the casual and a la carte diners, while the fine diners can enjoy live teppanyaki. Both sections of Aajisai, have automatic delivery systems.

Because it requires special equipment, Japanese designer Enomoto Mosahiro from Bloom Designer, Tokyo, was flown down specially to design the restaurant to make sure that every table has access to automatic delivery.

The Food


Coming to the food, Aajisai is known mostly for its Sushi and Japanese rolls. The sushi portions are perfectly bite-sized and are completely delectable coming in 8 pieces for both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians.

However, those trying Japanese cuisine for the first time might have trouble understanding the menu, therefore, Google to the rescue!


The Spicy Mushroom Maaki and Avacado Sushi are must-tries for the vegetarians. Many vegetarians have the initial hesitance of trying a delicacy honing the seafood primarily. However, these vegetarian delights are equally delectable and delicately flavored as you would want your sushi rolls minus the “fishy smell or taste”.


Non-Vegetarian lovers should totally dig into their signature Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll that comes with an accompaniment of dark soy and Wasabi.  The Sushi embarked the delicious flavors of Salmon and Nori (edible seaweed) which felt like a celebration in my mouth. The crunchy texture of the fish eggs on top added to my Sushi zing!


I didn’t care much about the Tori Chicken Teriyaki as a dish, but flavor-wise, it was pretty decent.

It is at Aajisai that I got to know that the quintessential Tempura, is a classic Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan! We were served the Tempura Moriawase which is basically Prawn and assorted vegetables, fried in a crispy batter, but paying INR 750 for something like this is exuberant.


In terms of taste quite honestly, I have zero clue on the authenticity of the dishes served to me. Thankfully there were Japanese guests on the premises who commended the food a great deal.Therefore I guess Aajisai does wow with its food quotient.

A little Pinch Of Salt feedback: I noticed some staff members had a faint clue about the contents of the dishes being described in the menu. Yes, I know Aajisai is on the road to being fully automated and all that, but the staff is the mirror of the establishment nonetheless. Therefore a little tweaking means no harm.

Will I return? Yes!

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