Disclaimer: I was invited by the management and PR of Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen for food tasting. What follows next is an honest experience. Take it with A Pinch Of Salt!
Oh! and PS: The pictures are taken in dim light conditions without a professional DSLR.

I’m glad the City of Joy has always given me more than enough reasons to be joyous- from the food to the city itself and not to forget, the people. Kolkata thrives on its nightlife culture. However, very few establishments in the city cater to the night bugs such as myself.

Another reason for happiness that joins my list today is Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen.

Why you ask?

I mean why won’t you be happy when you find a place with good food and drinks that is open until the wee hours of the morning!

Located at Ideal Plaza (previously Soho and The Great Booze Story) on 11/1 Sarat Bose Road, Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen is co-owned by Mr. Rikki Dewan, who also owns the legendary Pepperchino from the house of Don Giovanni’s. So be rest assured, you’re in for a qualitative experience.

The Ambiance

Rikki’s as a property is divided into two floors.

While the ground floor has cozy comfortable sofa sets with table tops and a sprawling island bar. Mind you, you just cannot overlook that grand chandelier as you enter!

The top mezzanine floor has a long row dedicated to a special hookah section.
There is also a private party zone with a personal bar.

The ambiance would definitely give you feelers of a typically posh South Delhi party, while the walls dawn reminiscence of Venice- completely vibrant and spectacular.

There is also a small dance floor in case you want to shake a leg or two. In other words, a Big Thumbs up for the ambiance that guarantees you to an eventful evening.

The Food

Coming to the food, Rikki’s provides a delectable spread of some of the most amazing finger foods and pub grubs.

As a part of my invitation, I was treated to a wide variety of munchies- each with a distinct flavor palate and satiating quotient.

For starters, do not miss their signature Chicken Lollipop that retains its crispy and succulent texture even when it’s gone cold.

Everyone has been raving about the Rikki’s Special Chicken Dynamite, but patrons are requested to try it at their own risk because, if you cannot handle your spices, you cannot survive it.

For me, it went great with my glass of beer and I’d highly recommend this as a perfect entree.

Next, I was served the Shepard’s Lamb pie; which was a tad bit sweet for my liking but complimented very well with the garlic bread.

The Bhuna mutton came next. In all honesty, a delicious celebration in my mouth but was a little too well done.

The showstopper for me was the Lemon Grass fish– exquisite and melt in the mouth that spelled Heaven!

The Chicken Supremo Pizza managed to make an impact as well,  that was packed with the goodness of smoked chicken and * hold your breath* boiled eggs!

A Special Mention has to go the Tempura Prawns– light and super tasty. Something I would love to order often whenever I revisit Rikki’s.

As a bar, it’s evident that Rikki’s would possess a great variety of Cocktails and Mocktails.

What do I recommend?

Do not miss their cocktails like Above and Beyond (Scotch whiskey, egg white, peach, and cranberry) and the Lemon Basil Martini (Vodka, basil leaves, freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice).

If you’re a Mocktail person, definitely try the Cucumber Spitzer that’s an amalgamation of fresh cucumber slices, mint, lime juice, sugar, and lemonade.

Now here’s the best bit about Rikki’s  Bar and Kitchen.

It has a 24 hour home delivery service, which I think is a dream come true especially for House party revelers or simply those working on night shifts. If you want to dine in, it’s open until 3am too! Now isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?!

In all honesty, Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen is a place definitely to chill with your friends or simply an evening out with family. The music is great, the ambiance is super and the food fantastic.

A perfect unwind!

Do let me know if your evening spent at Rikki’s was as enjoyable as mine!

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