Disclaimer: I was invited by the management and PR of The Coastal Macha for a food tasting. What follows next is an honest experience. Take it with A Pinch Of Salt!

Image courtesy : The Coastal Macha

I bask on coastal cuisine and having my roots based in Kolkata with a Goan Anglo-Indian and Irish lineage, only makes me appreciate sea food, perhaps a little more than the average set of sea food lovers.
The city did have its fair share of coastal innuendos with the previously faint gloried Bon Goan, in Kasba. However, like all faint heroes, Bon Goan too died a forgetful death.

Then came 2017 and the birth of The Coastal Macha. As the namesake is evident, Kolkata saw a legacy of coastal cuisine being brought back to life, just like the legend of a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.
After hearing so much about this “Host from the Coast” from a friend and otherwise; my will to visit The Coastal Macha became inevitable. Lucky for me, I landed just in time for their new menu launch as a part of their 1st anniversary commemoration (How incredible is that!)

Located at 55, Southern Avenue, The Coastal Macha serves authentic cuisines from the coast of Konkan , Malabarand Coramandel which includes Goa , Maharashtra , Mangalore and Tamil Nadu.

First things first though. Locating the obvious isn’t the Google Map’s forte sometimes and the same will confuse you a bit with the directions . So make sure you call these guys and find your way, in case you aren’t familiar with roads like me.

Image courtesy: The Incognito Team

The Coastal Macha actually manages to give you that typically old coastal feel, even from the outside. A flight of stairs later and your journey with the sea begins. The ambiance mind you, is simple, and not decor heavy but your glass tables with sand and seashells, would definitely take you back to your seaside memories.

You should start your tryst with the ocean by sipping the Kokam Sherbat. Very refreshing and works as a great palate cleanser.

As a part of their new menu The Coastal Macha has introduced newer varieties of seafood, meat and pork so if you crave for a Goan Vindaloo or a Pork / Mutton Gongura Fry (A tangy & spicy Andhra stir fry with sorrel leaf paste), you just have to be here!

Mutton lovers can try their rendition of the Mutton Cafreal (A Goan delicacy made with a spice mix along with cilantro & mint), however, for me it’s not something I would have a repeated liaison with.

As a part of my invitation I was also served their preparation of squid and crab meat. I’m not really a fan of both so gave it a miss. But hey! If you really love the above, do not miss their Crab Meat Stuffed Squid and the Squid Belluli Roast (a Garlic based Mangalorian dish with traditional spices). I may have not tasted these but they honestly smelt heavenly!

What stole my heart away, was the Goan Style Prawn Curry! Tasted perfect with my Appams and even better with steamed rice.

Vegetarians too can get their share of the coastal pallets at The Coastal Macha. Their take on the Avial ( a Kerela Vegetarian dish with mixed sautéed veggies in coconut) is delectable. Another must try is their Thoran (a delicious combination of vegetables with dry daal and grated coconut sprinkled)

I ended my meal on a high with their Tender Coconut Pudding (Pudding made with Coconut Malai, Coconut Water & Thick Milk.) Not too sweet and just perfect, the kind that sent me straight back to my childhood.
Highly recommended.

My overall experience therefore has been a satisfactory one. I sincerely hope they introduce coconut milk infused coconut rice with the hell’s flame chutney and a few other Anglo Indian dishes someday. That’ll make me want to come back more often.

The service is commendable and the staff is warm. So if you’re a water baby just like me, The Coastal Macha is the place to be!

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