When we speak of bowl meals, the first thing that pops up as a candidate is Soup. If you have a palate for taste beyond the quintessential, then it’s synonymous to start visualizing the Khow sweys or Ramen meals.
But, believe it or not, this bowl- this one piece of crockery, is trending phenomenally in the culinary circuit these days and for good reason.
The humble bowl is humble no more. Having travelled across the globe in one avatar or the other, the bowl has now reached India and two very established brands have collaborated and taken it upon themselves to give this Bowl a Soul of flavours with their Two Month “One Bowl Winter” festival.


Monkey Bar (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore)


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As the temperature dips and we welcome winter across the country, now is the perfect time to cuddle up cosy in your warm blankets and surround yourself with comfort foods isn’t it? While they can’t promise you a bed and a blanket to curl up in, the “One Bowl Winter” festival at Monkey Bar promises to give you that same comfort of home amidst their electrifying ambiance.  This is a two month long festival that commences between  November 15, 2017 – Jan 15,2018 across all  four outlets of Monkey Bar in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and New Delhi.

The Rajma Chawal Bowl served with chilli pickle, papad and sirka (pickled) onions, spicy yogurt, spinach pakoda, tawa aloo and rice

These 12 one-bowl meals are basically borrowed family recipes or recipes encountered on travel across the globe and given a twist by the in-house chefs of Monkey Bar. Playing with various textures, flavours and combinations, they have managed to put together a balanced meal that’s every bit as exciting as it is nutritious.
While the Vegetarians Bowls would cost you INR 280 plus taxes onward; The Non Vegetarian Bowls would be priced around INR 380 plus taxes onward.

Want to know what these 12 delicious One-Bowl meals are?

  1. Rajma Bowl : Served with chilli pickle, papad and sirka (pickled) onions, spicy yogurt, spinach pakoda, tawa aloo and rice.
  2. Kadhi Chawal Bowl: Served with karari (fried) bhindi, tawa aloo, radish salad, chutney papad and ghee.
  3. Wild Mushroom Khichdi Bowl:  A perfect marriage of slow-cooked mushrooms in creamy moong dal khichdi.
  4. Kashmiri Yakhni Bowl: Succulent Mutton paired with a saffron pulao.
  5. Panch Phoron and Kasundi Maach Bowl:  Surmai fish cooked with Bengal’s famous kasundi mustard and served with gobindobhog rice.
  6. Goan Xacuti Bowl:  Paired with barnyard millets.
  7. Nagarjuna Inspired Chilli Chicken Bowl: Served with Malabari parotta and plantain chips.
  8. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine Bowl: Comprising of mixed veggies, chickpeas, prunes, almonds and olives,
    served with couscous that’s sprinkled with aromatic za’atar
  9. Korean Bibimbap Bowl: Made with spicy gochujang steak and pink sticky rice, topped with fried eggs.
  10. The Sesame Teriyake Chicken Bowl:  Teriyaki glazed chicken on a bed of sticky rice with a portion of
    kimchi and broad beans.
  11. Prawn Pad Thai Noodles Bowl: Flat rice noodles tossed with prawns, cashews and vegetables in a sweet sour sauce.
  12. The Seafood Linguinesees Bowl: Assorted seafood with garlic, chilli and parmesan.

1) Bangalore: #610, 12 th Main Road, HAL 2 nd Stage, Indiranagar.
Tel: 080 44114455
Operation Hours: Monday-Thursday 12 noon to 11:30 pm, Friday- Saturday 12 noon to 12 midnight Sunday 9 am to 11:30 pm (Guests below 18 years are only permitted till 6:00 pm)

2)Kolkata: #901 A, Fort Knox, 6, Camac Street.
Tel: 033 40606446
Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday 12 noon to 12 midnight; Friday & Saturday 12 noon to 1:00am; Sunday 12 noon to 12 midnight(Guests below the age of 21 are permitted only till 6:00pm)

3)Mumbai: Summerville, Junction of 14th & 33rd, Linking Road, Bandra West.
Tel: 022 26005215
Operation Hours: Mon to Fri 6 pm to 1 am, Sat 12:00 noon to 1:00 am,Sun 9 am to 1:00 am (Guests below the age of 21 are only permitted till 6:00pm)

4) New Delhi: Plot No 11, Pocket C 6 & 7, Commercial Complex, Vasant Kunj.
Tel: 011 41095155
Operation Hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight (Guests below the age of 25 years are only permitted till 6:00 pm)

Sodabottleopenerwala (Bangalore, Delhi)

The East India Bowl

Another brand that attempts to bring Soul in a Bowl is India’s favourite Iranian joint Sodabottleopenerwala. Inspired by the quintessential Buddha Bowls, the brand has launched 2 different kind of Bowl festivals, collaborating with well known Connoisseurs in the country.

persian bowl anaida
The Persian Bowl By Anaida

If you’re in Delhi, be sure to try out the “Pop Goes The Princess” edition featuring 90’s Indi Pop senstion, Anaida Parvaneh, who brings together a one of a kind pop up of Persian meals in a bowl.

The Bangalore outlet on the other hand, has collaborated with renowned food consultant and blogger Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal to a unique one bowl meal concept called “Bombay Buddha Bowls”.

The Festival is on till December 17th at the Lavelle Road outlet from 12noon to 12 midnight, and is priced at INR 415 plus taxes onwards.

Mohit Balachandran, Brand Head and Cuisine Director of SodaBottleOpenerWala and Rushina, took inspiration from the concept of Buddha Bowls, which are single portion full-meals stuffed to the brim in bowls shaped like Buddha’s belly. It intends to bring alive the food culture of communities, who have made Bombay their home for decades and even centuries. There are basically 4 Buddha Bowls that consists of select dishes, indigenous to these communities.

  1.  The Gujarati Bowl: This bowl takes the pasta aspect of the dal dhokli into a fun spin. It consists of fenugreek and potato stuffed ravioli dhoklis, accompanied by all the essential trimmings with a twist such as a wilted onion salad, greens, boria marcha drizzle (red chillis) and a candied peanut relish (for all those who love the peanuts in dal dhokli). It is brought together with a silky dal spicy sweet and tangy dal sauce and finished with a papad cheese crumble.
  2. The Maharashtrian Bowl: Inspired by some of the best flavours from Maharashtrian food, this bowl is made up of red rice, savoury, spicy prawn modaks, coconut salad, greens and jawla chutney brought together by a Koli fish curry sauce topped with peanut thencha and finished with poha papad.
  3. The Sindhi Bowl: This bowl is inspired by the favourite Sunday comfort meal, Sindhi kadhi. It combines brown rice, sai bhajji, aloo tuk, papad pasta, teewan papad samosa and leafy greens brought together by a beautiful Sindhi Kadhi sauce, and finished with guvar, bhindi, bhee crunchies and boondi.
  4. The East Indian Bowl: Firstly by East India, this doesn’t have any reference to Bengal or the North Eastern States, but the bowl is inspired by the Anglo Indian Community residing in Bandra, Mumbai. Wedding rice and Pork vindaloo combine with the crunchy Bombil fry along with golden fried Chicken potato chops. Kanji Curried Vegetables fits in as the gravy element with Sautéed Veggies and carrot acting as the greens. Finally, Papaya pickle placed on the side completes the meal.

Delhi: 73B, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi

Bangalore: Plot Number 24/4, Lavelle Road,
Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Bengaluru

Now that you have plenty of soul food to replenish, do keep me posted on the comments below or simply ping me on Facebook or Instagram for your take on this One bowl meals. Happy Hogging!



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