Kolkata, November 13: If their Autumn special Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin spiced Latte and Nitro Coffee weren’t driving patrons crazy enough, loyalists at 8th Day Cafe and Bakery have another reason to celebrate. The American cafe in Kolkata, is all set to launch a brand new menu starting November 15th with delights, guaranteed to spoil patrons for choice!

Keeping the old favourites intact, the newer edition in the menu includes a bunch of savories, salads,baked goods and desserts. So while there will be homemade Oreo and Red Velvet cookies on one hand; there will also be the Roasted Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Salads and Wraps on the other hand.

8th Day Cafe and Bakery would also be introducing freshly baked Focaccia bread, that would cater to a number of delightful sandwiches like the Warm Wasted Veggies, Caparesse, Open faced BBQ Chicken/Mushroom and Cheese among others.

In other words,some of the Star Dishes you need to watch out for are:



  • Oreo cookies –  Classic take on the childhood favorite. Home-made Chocolaty biscuits with sweet creamy filling.
  • Red Velvet Cookies – The classic red velvet flavors in a cookie.
  • Banana Pudding – Layers of sweet vanilla custard, homemade vanilla biscuits, and fresh bananas.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad – Chicken, lettuce, and Parmesan tossed with homemade croutons.
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap – Chicken Caesar Salad rolled into our handmade tortilla wrap.
  • Caprese  Sandwich – Slices of fresh tomato, Mozzarella and a slather of pesto on Focaccia bread.
  • Focaccia Pizza
  • Thai Salad
  • Hearty Chicken Chilli

So go ahead, and enjoy the new entrants. Do let me know what you think of the new menu in the comments below , my Facebook page or my Instagram/Twitter handles.

Arcadia, 6 West Range, AJC Bose Road,
Near Bangladesh High Commission,

Operating Hours9AM-9PM

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