Disclaimer: The following restaurant review is an honest experience at Bangalore’s first Harry Potter themed cafe: Two Friends Cauldron. Whatever comes your way, take it with A Pinch Of Salt!

Who hasn’t been fascinated by magic; and when there is magic, Harry Potter is a name synonymous to it by default.


Spells, characters, history, moments, objects- the world is gripped by almost anything associated with The Boy Who Lived. Therefore it is only legitimate to be as excited when this magic transfigures itself to a cafe.

Welcome to Two Friends Cauldron – a hangout that brings the phenomena of Harry Potter to Bangalore.


Located at 15th Cross, 4th Phase of JP Nagar, the cafe tries to encapsulate every nuance of the wizarding world- cobweb ceilings, magic wands, posters, house names on tables, capes, the sorting hat and even a Platform 9 3/4 wall.

However, as much at it would fascinate the young minds, for the grown up wizards at heart like myself, this place is more Muggle (non magical) than magical.


The ambiance, is a house converted into a cafe and as a result, the decor appears more like an apartment decked up for a one time theme party. Though, I would give full credit to the Platform 9 3/4 wall, the Sorting Hat and the wands.


Nothing really comes across a “wow” factor otherwise quite honestly. I was expecting the staff to dawn something Hogwartsy or even appear in a witch or a wizard avatar, but alas. The cafe is not even a dead ringer for Hogsmade’s Three Broomsticks which leaves us grown ups in such a disappointment.

Courtesy: LBB, Bangalore

Coming to the food, Two Friends Cauldron promises to offer gastronomic treat to its patrons. Their “Magical Menu” serves a variety of basic Italian and European delights – pastas, steaks, pocket pizzas- but here again, the experience was typically Muggle.

The names in the menu like Dumbledore’s Sherbet, Polyjuice Potion, Muggle’s Blood , Hagrid on a Diet are sure to catch your attention but there is a huge difference between what you see and what you get sadly.

Keeping to my fascination, I ordered the Hogwarts Chicken Steak. The dish was served with herbed rice and potato wedges. The steak unfortunately was over cooked and as a result bore a rubbery texture which made it difficult to cut it through with a knife. Typically Indian Cumin (Jeera) rice topped with Oregano and olives is what you got in the name of Herbed rice which was disappointing.


Nothing can go wrong when it comes to desserts, but sadly my experience was as bad as Ron Weasley’s wand backfiring in The Chamber Of Secrets. I ordered Waffles with Ice cream and Salted Caramel sauce.
The presentation though commendable, the quantity equally less for a INR 200 plus taxes pricing. The waffles batter had excess flour and I can say that because it had a rubbery texture again and difficult to cut through with a knife.

The saving grace in this entire gastronomical affair was their signature Butter Beer. Having consumed the same back in the Warner Brother’s studio tour of Harry Potter in London, these guys didn’t do a bad job and have managed to create at least one dish (apart from their signature chocolate frogs) that can lure patrons back.

All in all Two Friends Cauldron may be able to fascinate one time inquisitive visitors and young Potterheads. The experience however is Magically Muggle.


Located At:
39, 15th Cross, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Next to Nature’s Basket

Operation Hours:



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