Preface: Are you ‘Egg-cited’ to know what your personality type is based on your ‘Eggs- factor’? Read on!

Hard Boiled Egg

Those who adore Hard boiled eggs are usually considered the trouble makers in a group, but somehow they carry out their stunts with utmost charm. You don’t wait around for anyone to tell you what to do – if they try to, you’re most likely already out the door doing your thing. Usually flirtatious, don’t be fooled by such people because, just like a hard boiled egg, there’s much more to them than what meets the eye!

Sunny Side Up

If you love the classic, quintessential Sunny Side up egg, you probably are a perfectionist leading a picture perfect life. You know what you want to get out of life and you are well on your way to make it happen. You have a large group of friends, ambitious goals and are always ready to tackle what life throws at you!

Scrambled Egg

To put this nicely, you’re kind of a ‘Hot Mess’- always having a million things going on and perpetually running late. You’re reliable, and people trust you , which is perfect because you like helping others.  Between your demanding job, booming social life and all your hobbies, you can barely catch your breath. But you wouldn’t give up this constant pace of life for anything.

Poached Egg



You live by the mantra, “I’ll take a whack at it.” Your outgoing nature leads you to try new things that are not usually up your alley. This makes you a hard worker – when you want something, you go for it and won’t stop until it’s yours. A time or two you have messed up, but that only gives you the incentive to work harder.


If this is your favourite form of egg then you probably are the mother figure who always takes care of everyone else. You thrive when you are with people you care about. An omelette has a little bit of everything just like you. Your fun-loving personality bursts into color in reality and on your plate allowing you to deal with whatever comes at you any which way.

Egg Sandwich

You are a wisher and a hopeful thinker with just enough reality in your senses to keep you on top of your game. You love to dream, but put most of your energy into making other people’s dreams come true. You maybe a little less mature compared to others around you but a heart as pure as yours will take you far in life.

So how would you like your eggs today?