Preface: What happens when two deadly comforts- Alcohol and Ice-cream combine? You get “Oh! So Stoned!”
Located at Orion Mall, this “joint” gives you the ultimate “kick” with not only their deadly flavor combinations, but also with their variant of Alcohol based Ice creams!

While the causes of misery might vary,  when life turns sour, most of us go for something sweet or savory.

Treats that might be gentle on our stomach, treats that might be bad for our teeth or our waistline, treats that somehow, through the simple act of tasting them, instantly make us feel better. We call them our Comfort food!

To qualify as a true comfort food, a dish must fulfill at least two of three requirements:
1) it has restorative properties
2)it has sentimental appeal, and
3) it’s insanely delicious.

On taking a global consensus, ice-cream comes out as a clear winner. Delicious and nostalgic, ice cream might just be the ultimate childhood redux, bringing us back to carefree summer days and birthday parties with a sweet little hug. Taking this sweet treat to a level higher literally is Oh So Stoned!(OSS).

Having branches in Pune, Chennai, New Delhi and Gurgaon, the motto of OSS is simply living up to its name- to get their patrons HIGH ON ICE-CREAM! India’s beloved foodies Rocky and Mayur from Highway on my Plate have also recommended this brand as a MUST TRY !
Located at the food court of Orion Mall, Bangalore, this small little kiosk stands out from the rest with its colorful decals, fairy lights and loads of quirk, guaranteed to grab eyeballs. Personally, the decor takes me to a mash up of Alice in Wonderland meets Goa! In other words, completely outlandish yet intriguing!

Now lets get straight to what you have come here for: The menu.

Every flavor combination at OSS is a celebration, as it marries a host of ingredients with its homemade ice-cream and sauces. Each order is a meal in itself and can be easily shared by two.



Some of the signature sundaes you could opt for are:

  • Chikki Chikki Bang Bang- Vanilla and butterscotch ice-cream with chikkis and hot caramel sauce.
  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory- Rich dark chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream with cashews, gooey chocolate brownie, choco chips and chocolate fudge.
  • Fruit Factory- Vanilla ice cream topped with exotic fruits, fresh cream and strawberry jelly.
  • Red Velvet Ice Cream- Vanilla ice-cream with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. 

The highlight of the menu at Oh! So Stoned! however, are their High Spirits ice-creams. Consuming these will give you a high, guarantee to a point that the management recommends you not to drive after consumption. There are 5 flavors under this section and I tried two of their hottest selling items.

Rum Baba

What you see above me is what Rocky and Mayur recommend as India’s must have ice-cream and I guess I know why. Rich coffee ice-cream infused with boozy rum balls and topped with rum and chocolate sauce. 3 spoons of these already gave me a kick. One entire sundae of this would definitely leave me dancing at the food court! No words for such a heaven.

Boozy Banoffee

Who doesn’t love Banoffee pies? Bringing this classic combination of the banana and toffee dessert infused with vanilla ice-cream and topped with chocolate shavings and whiskey caramel sauce, is your ultimate high to a good time!

If you still haven’t had enough, OSS also specializes in selling Ice-cream fingers, Ice-cream sundae shakes and Ice cream tacos.


I honestly feel that though these delights are beyond delicious, the consistency that a typical ice-cream should have isn’t there and as a result the product melts faster than a regular ice-cream sundae, which is sad.

Overall  though, this place is a must visit if you loved my idea of getting #IceCreamWasted.

Psst….. These guys are planning to open up in Chennai and Calcutta soon as well.

Located at:
Orion Mall, Food St, Parvathipuram,
Vishweshwarapura, Rajaji Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560004

Operation hours: 


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