Mexican culture has always been a montage of colours and vibrancy. The aim of those big fat ceremonies at large is simple- to bring people together, in happiness and in death. Yes! Death!

The Latinos world over are known to celebrate the Dia De Los Meurtos or the Day of the Dead. This multi-day festival, is not like Halloween but is usually celebrated with family and friends, gathering to remember and honour loved ones who are no more. The affair is anything but sombre and festivities take place in full pomp and show.


Bringing this spirit to Kolkata for the first time, is Bodega Cantina Y- Bar, on Park Street – that recreates the Dia De Los Meurtos for one whole week  (Oct 31- Nov 5, 2016). Skull themed decor, the staff dressed in a full Mexican attire and somberos and a special dedicated food and drinks menu, I was up for a treat!

Starting with the drinks, take a look at the menu below:


I tried the Corpse Reviver first, well… because… umm…honestly the name was the first thing that caught my eye. I mean who doesn’t want to drink something that at least sounds like it can bring back the dead! Gin with triple sec and secret infused liqueur was enough incentive, not to mention brilliant.

Served in a tall mug with a syringe shot inside, you shouldn’t mistake the latter to be just another fancy presentation. The idea of enjoying your corpse reviver is to take the contents inside the syringe first, followed by what’s inside your chilled mug.


I tried the Froze next, because I loved the idea of sipping a frozen wine. The taste was better than your regular wine because the contents became more concentrated on freezing. Highly recommended.

Coming to the food, we had a lot of options to choose from:

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Since the list is long, here’s what I recommend you try from the menu:

For the Non Vegetarians

* Chorizo Fried Rice:  filled with the goodness of smoked pork and served with homemade salsa, spiced chickpea and spinach and a fried egg.
*Pescado Fritters:
crispy melt in the mouth cod fritters served with chilli, lime and coriander.
*Pollo Skewers:
grilled chicken skewers served in a yogurt dip.


*Muertos Rancheros: the biggest USP of this dish is the amazing skull shaped placed atop homemade tortillas, refined beans and pico de gallo.

For the Vegetarians

*Mushroom Fondutta:  homemade tortilla, pico de gallo, picante, gooey cheese, loaded with mushrooms is a MUST HAVE.

1478158169458The desserts on the menu will bring you straight to the colourful streets of Mexico. From Churros, to Catalana to Chilli Chocolate Moussethere something for everybody. And if you’re still bored, try the Sunday Movie Night (their signature dish from the regular menu).

If you’re not done with all this, you could push your limits by participating in Tequila Meter challenge as you try to drink six Tequila shots back to back to win six more shots on the house and enjoy games like Adult Piñata ,Booze Pong with any alcohol of your choice, or just Spin the Wheel of fun and laughter with your friends.

Bring out your expert bartending skills by participating in the cocktail making workshop held on the premises. In addition to this, there will be a workshop for housewives conducted by Chef Sagar Chandra who will be teaching food enthusiasts how to prepare Mexican delicacies at home.


If this doesn’t call for celebrations, I don’t know what will. Hurry up! Time is running out.





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