Kolkata, October29: With the Festival of lights illuminating the entire world, there are Samaritans who are busy illuminating lights in dark, obliviated eyes – those who believe that Diwali, is much more than just distributing sweets, lighting diyas and bursting crackers.
Ridhi Foundation in association with Jab We Ate , brought together the Dilwali Diwali initiative on October 23rd, 2016.

RIDHI is a volunteer based start-up (similar to the Robinhood Army)  that procures excess food in bulk from restaurants  and eateries across Kolkata  for the underprivileged, spearheaded by Saurabbh Dhanuka – who also owns a food start up by the name of Jab We Ate ; and Payal Beriwala.


What was the Modas Operandi for Dilwali Diwali?


To involve home bakers and chefs in Kolkata to contribute cupcakes and confectionery that could be distributed to various NGOs, orphanages and slums across the city.

Did it work?


More than 50 home bakers/chefs contributed to the cause and the Dilwali Diwali team were able to bring  smiles to 3000 children.


Apart from distributing confectionery from 6 am till 8 pm,  the team was also felicitated by  Dr. Shashi Panja, Minister of State for Women & Child Welfare and Social Welfare for their exceptional work.

It’s overwhelming to see there are people in this world who work for a cause and not just for applause.

After all ” Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the lights!”

A Pinch Of Salt wishes you the best of the festive season ahead!



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