Disclaimer: I was invited to the launch followed by a tasting session at Soul, Ballygunge. What follows next is an honest, no frill experience. And while I will say thank you to the hospitality offered, take whatever comes with A Pinch Of Salt!

With Calcutta trying to create a difference in the culinary race of the country, it becomes a daunting task to set up an establishment that’s innovative than the rest. People have this misconception that a theme is all it takes to project innovation. Sometimes innovation comes in simplistic pleasures and that where Soul steps in.

Located down Syed Amir Ali Avenue near Khosla Electronics, Soul is not your run of the mill cafe located in a fancy mall. They say the most heartfelt experience of eating is at home, and that’s how the cafe looks after you.

Soul, Ballygunge
Soul, Ballygunge

An old Colonial Calcutta house embraced by greenery on all sides amidst the hustle bustle of the city makes it a perfect premise to name a cafe ‘Soul’ in the first place. Once inside, behold a colorful , quirky decor of fancy lights and wooden walls.

The cafe serves fusion Continental food with American and Italian subsections. Their USP however, has to be their in house Detox drinks that is served without sugar and preservatives.

Each drink has been meticulously crafted to serve it’s individualistic purpose in it’s raw avatar, hence  if you’re expecting something flavorful and fancy, don’t even think about it!

The Anti Ageing and Super Fat Loss Detox Drinks
The Anti Ageing and Super Fat Loss Detox Drinks

So while the Anti-Ageing drink includes the usage of fresh berries and Chia seeds; the Super Fat Loss drink culminates a secret ingredient with Amla, Blueberries  and Lime- that guarantees a loss of 3 kgs in a month if consumed regularly (Yes you read that right!).

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If you love mocktails, do give their Watermelon Mojito , the Addam’s Apple, the Hazelnut Coffee Sparkle and the Mango Banana Slush a try. While the taste adheres to what every good restaurant offers, its the unique flavor combination that makes Soul different than the rest. I would personally recommend you try the Manerstine – a unique combination of mango, khus and coconut- that makes it a refreshing experience.

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Coming to the food- we tried the Scottish Eggs, Meat Mix Salad, Ham & Cheese / Chicken Omelettes,  Chicken Steak in Brown Sauce and BBQ Chicken Nachos.

Reading these names,  you would say ,
“What’s so unique about these dishes? You get them everywhere!”

In all honesty, my initial reaction was the same; but then again, there’s more than what meets the eye. Each dish mind you, has been prepared with a lot of love, and you can feel it in its unpretentious way of presentation and taste.

The Anti Ageing and Super Fat Loss Detox Drinks
The Scottish Eggs – Classic Scottish dish that has soft boiled eggs encased in a minced Chicken sausage and deep fried

My personal favorites? Definitely the Scottish Eggs and the Chicken Steak in Brown Sauce- try it to believe it!

Chocolate Cigars with Vanilla Ice cream
Chocolate Cigars with Vanilla Ice cream

For desserts , we were offered the Chocolate Cigars with Vanilla ice cream, which was really a forgettable experience after all that food though!

Think you’ve eaten too much and feel guilty after all that food porn?

Soul has an activity room where you could take your pick from Power Yoga, Zumba or Pilates that ensure you can eat your cake and get rid of it too! 😉


The Cafe opens from 7am , which basically means morning gym and office goers can definitely grab a delicious breakfast. Do look up their menu for their delicious breakfast spreads.

Soul also gives you access to an in house nutritionist, who would plan your diet, create a tailor made menu and have it delivered on your doorstep! Something which I haven’t seen any other cafe do!

All in all , while you maybe headed to latest brands hitting the city to take your selfies, do give Soul a shot as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Address: 51, Syed Amir Ali Avenue,

Contact: (+91) 98311 37818






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