What is the first thing that pops up when I say 15th of August?


Films on television?
Added Holiday?

Ok just kidding!

It’s been 70 years since our country attained Independence from the British. Those infinite sacrifices, the immense struggle and the determination involved to get India to this juncture, has been nothing short of praise and immense respect.

Well, I won’t write any further thesis on our glorious past. I’m a food blogger after all!

To cut a long story short, Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise where a food festival daunts the city almost every month. We’ve seen Italian, Thai, Korean, Mexican and God knows how many other food festivals giving laurels to  global cuisine with pomp and show. It’s our turn now !

This Independence Day, let me take you to 5 places in Kolkata that pays homage to this spirit of freedom with a Desi twist.

1) Upma Festival at Rasam, The Stadel

Coming from the southern part of the subcontinent, Upma has always been associated as a breakfast delicacy. So why not start your day with just that? Hit up at Rasam, the south Indian pure vegetarian restaurant  at The Stadel , for a one of a kind Upma Festival that consists of 6 varieties of Upma you could choose from.
There’s Sabudana, Rava Coconut, Ragi, Bajra and Rasam Special Masala upma priced at just INR 85/- + taxes, which I think is a stellar deal.
The festival is on till August 18th 2016, so don’t miss this for the world.

2) Flavours Of India- The Independence Day Brunch at Square, Novotel


Ringing in the spirit of freedom, Square at Novotel gives its patrons the full “Aazadi” to gorge, on the rich flavours of India. The Independence Day Brunch acts as a precursor to their forthcoming NH2 on Plate festival that hits August 18th , so be rest assured the gastronomical delights coming from across the country, on your plate, will be nothing short of what I would like to term as Stomach Sovereignty.

3) Eat Healthy, Eat Desi at Eat Good Food

eat good fod
Health honchos! Time to go hurray on this one!
Eat Good Food– the city’s popular health café that’s curated by celebrity nutritionist Hena Nafis, has come up with an elaborate Indian platter to celebrate our inherent Desi Swag! Offering both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, patrons can enjoy the likes of multi grain Laccha Parantha, Jeera Brown Rice,  Moong and Masoor missed Tadka Dal, Kadhai Chicken, Mixed vegetables,  Fish Curry, Beet Yogurt and Paneer Tikka. All this at less than 500 calories and oh! Priced at INR 225 for veg and chicken and INR 275 for the fish platter too! If that doesn’t kindle your romance with dieting, I don’t know what will!

4) Independence Day Brunch at Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern

Lalit Ghosht Dum Biryani

What good are the “feastivities” of our Independence Day if it doesn’t have food from all corners of our country. Well Alfresco at The Lalit Great Eastern offers just that and more with a unique Independence Day brunch menu for all you foodies out there. There will be delights such as the Palak Dahi ka Sorba, Kozhi- Chammanthi Biryani, Borishali Maach, Chicken Mappas and Pathisaptas among others.
That’s not all!
There’s a special discount of 50% for all ex-army men and present army professionals on showing their ID; while us civilians are eligible for a 25% discount. The brunch commences from 12:30 and concludes at 4:30.

Prior reservation on 9007728076 is recommended.

5) Independence Day at Bakstage


We’ve seen the Indian-ness in Indian food, but what if I tell you that global food too has dawned a desi avatar this independence day? Well look no further and head out to Bakstage on Sector V, Salt Lake for a special Independence Day menu just for you!
How is it different you ask?
Well, have you ever had a Nazza? It’s basically the Indian Naan used as a Pizza base and topped with Daal Makhni or Grilled chicken topped with Bell peppers, onions etc.
If you thought that was enough surprise to fathom, be prepared to witness a tri flavoured pasta, lasagna, kebabs and much more. Don’t believe me then have a look at the menu below!
bakstage iday menu






So there you go! I’ve given you guys the freedom to choose.  Now you have the freedom to eat! But please keep those in your prayers,  who are fighting each day to ensure you enjoy that food on your plate!

Jai Hind!

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