Kolkata, July 9th, 2016: Anyone can work out for an hour, but to control what goes on your plate the remaining 23 hours ….. that’s hard work! In this battle between the flab and the fab, there’s also a constant tug of war between the tempting and the healthy kind of foods.

Eat Well. Live Well

People have become conscious about what they eat nowadays but given a cheat day, you see all that “health talk” going down with a plate of butter chicken or a cheese burst pizza!

What if there was an alternative to this never ending problem? And what if a Gym had all the answers?

Well sure! Gyming is the obvious answer but Skulpt gym went one step ahead on July 6th, 2016 and introduced a one of a kind cookery workshop for all it’s patrons.  “Eat Well. Live Well” as it was called, showcased recipes that were not only delicious, but at the same time, low on fat and healthy.

Conducted by prominent Australian chef Nivi Das, the workshop also saw the presence of noted Tollywood actress Tanushree Chakraborty, who enthusiastically participated in conjuring lip smacking delights for the patrons. Nutritionist Abhilasha Bagaria and Skulpt Fitness manager Prosenjit Biswas were also present to share basic health tips and exercises for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Chef Nivi Das

Being a Vegan herself and the founder of noted vegan recipe website Green Platter, Chef Das brought out dishes that were entirely plant based but at the same time highly delicious. There was Pumpkin Risotto, Tofu Chicken Nuggets, Crepes filled with Spinach and Sweet Corn and Vegan Marshmallow Fluff– all creating a delightful celebration in the mouth. Dessert lovers too had their share of “foodgasms” as healthy variants of Coconut Cream Spherical, Chocolate Spherical and Tapioca Mango Pudding were created and placed to feast the eyes and the soul.
Eat Well Live Well

Since I don’t post recipes on the blog, I would still share the copies handed to us at the end of the workshop for your perusal on the slide show below so that you too could give this a try and tell me how it tasted :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Divya Himatsingka, Director of Skulpt was delighted to see a massive turnout at the workshop.
“We at Skulpt care about the well being of not just our members, but also people at large, and through this workshop, we intended to spread the message that living a healthy life is not difficult. We do not need to give up on good food, and can also satisfy our taste buds at the same time,” she gleefully added.

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