“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women 

Coffee, for most of us, is a vital component of our DNA. We just can’t start our day without a cuppa, get through the drudge afternoon without a cuppa, carry on scintillating conversations without a cuppa, enjoy the rains without a cuppa, study those long hours without a cuppa or even get through the night without a cuppa.

We are the caffeine addicts who don’t just settle for any type of coffee thrown at us.

We love customizing our taste buds and thus today you have one cafe mushrooming up every 2 months to bring out their rendition of the second favourite beverage of this country (first being tea).

Coffee for me is my lifeline. I need it practically for every reason and season. I laugh, cry, ponder in fact even write this article with a cup of hot frothy concoction beside me. I’m sure there are many like me, who put in no compromises for their transcendental caffeination. Barista, Starbucks, CCD‘s have attained their worthy pedestals. Let’s give the well deserved limelight to the other deserving candidates now shall we?

Here’s kicking up some great places in Kolkata and around India for a great frothy cuppa you could sip and replenish!

Mocha, Kolkata

When a brand encompasses the name of a coffee flavour, be rest assured good times are rolling in. In the dominant CCD/Barista culture plaguing the city of joy in 2010, it wasn’t easy for Mocha to hold ground. Look today and it can easily be identified as one of the most popular haunts in the city that is open till wee hours of 2am. What’s my favourite must try coffee out there? The Jamaican Blue Mountain, the Kenya AA and the Decaffeinated House Blend.

Address: 209, Karnani Estate,
A.J.C. Bose Road, Park Circus,
Kolkata- 700014
Contact: (033) 30207406

Paris Cafe, Sector 5, Kolkata


Being a resident of Salt Lake myself, I always felt deprived of good eating outlets in the township and highly jealous of those living in the central areas of the city. Paris Cafe is the best thing that could ever happen to Salt Lake. What’s more? They have non vegetarian options unlike their maiden outlet in Ballygunge. Leaving apart their already popular scrumptious delights, their coffees too are pretty decent. Do try out their gorgeous rendition of the Irish Coffee and the Hazelnut and Caramel Cappuccinos. This , served with 2 melt in the mouth sponge cake coins is an absolute delight.

Address: Block EP XI-I, South City Pinnacle,
Sector 5, Salt Lake,
Contact: (033) 30990411

8th Day Cafe and Bakery, Kolkata

Perhaps the BEST thing to hit the coffee loving city is the advent of 8th Day Cafe and Bakery. In all honesty, I have NEVER come across a place that lures you with just the aroma of their grinded coffee beans; so you can definitely brace yourselves for what will be hitting your tongue once you order your flavour of sin. Established by Grant Walsh, an American who was so mesmerised by Kolkata’s culture, that he decided to stay on- 8th Day brings forth an amazing selection of Black and milk based coffees. Though everything on the menu are the best choices, I go there personally for the Pour Over, French Press and the Caramel Latte (cold).

Address: Arcadia, 6 West Range,
AJC Bose Rd , Mullick Bazar,
Kolkata- 700017
Contact: (033) 65005553


Destination One, Calungute, Goa

destination one

Yeah I know when you think of Goa, you go ga ga on the music, the alcohol and the free spirited lifestyle. However, the paradise also boasts a fair share of good coffee. Don’t believe me? Head on to Calungute beach side and be amazed with Destination One. A sexy lounge bar and grill at night time , this place is bustling with patrons all over for their amazing continental and sea food. For me however, their Cappuccino was enough to bowl me over. Served with their in house baked cookies,  the flavour and aroma of hot coffee, overlooking the sea is way better than any self induced highness!

Address: Calangute Residency,
Calangute Beach,
Bardez, Goa- 403516
Contact: (0832) 2494100

Candies, Bandra, Mumbai

Candies, eating joint in Mumbai
Candies is one of those “must visit” places to try if you’re a first timer in Mumbai. The chilled ambience, the good food and of course good company is the driving force of how this venture is working out for both the young and old. But since this post is about coffees
after all, do give their Sticky Toffee Frappe, and Skinny Cappucino a shot

Address: Mac Ronells, 5AA Pali Hill,
Next to Learners Academy School,
St Andrews Road,
Bandra West,
Contact: (022) 26430728

Theos, Sector-41, Noida
My ex boss (a sweetheart that she is!) always harped and swore on Theos. While the rest of us couldn’t figure what her deal was with this place; I insisted on trying and I wasn’t disappointed. The ambience is what makes 80% of a wholesome experience; the food and drinks add on to the fervor. Their coffees are to literally die for and what I insist you should definitely try on your next visit is the Jamaican Chocolate frappe, The Theos Special Coffee and the Hazelnut Haze!

Address: Dynamic House, Main Dadri Road,
Near HP Petrol Pump,
Sector 41, Noida-201301

Contact: (0120) 4212586  (+91)8750252225

Ricos, DU, GTB Nagar, New Delhi

A popular haunt with the students, Ricos is what ideally a world cuisine cafe should be like- Coffee, Conversations, Books and a chilled out ambience. How is it different from other cafe’s you ask? Well this is something words always fail to express but absorbing the ambience resonates much more. A must try out here has to be the Orange Blueberry Latte and the Hazelnut Espresso!

Address: 1st Floor, 2526, Hudson Lane,
Kingsway Camp,
Delhi University-GTB Nagar,
New Delhi
(011) 33105816

Glen’s Bakehouse, Bengaluru


My recent visit to the Garden city saw a very dear friend insisting I visit Glen’s Bakehouse; and thanks to her, I took back a heafty bag of wonderful memories. Located on the quaint Indirianagar, right beside Bangalore’s favourite microbrewery Toit, Glen’s takes you back to the sereneness of having coffee on European streets. If you’re the kind who loves eating alone and working on your laptop without being awkwardly stared at, this is  where you need to be. Apart from their gorgeous lemon tarts, red velvet cupcakes, macaroons and hot chocolate; Glen’s Signature Coffee is something which gives desserts a run for their money.

Address:  Shop number: 297, 100 Feet Road,
Second Stage, Hoysala Nagar,
Beside Toit Pub
Indiranagar, Bangalore

Contact: (080) 41616477/ 4122873

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