Kolkata, May 3, 2016: It’s the month of hot , sweltering summers once again and as usual here  we are,  gearing up for a lot of activities to beat the heat.

The children are excited for their summer holidays, the fitness freaks are excited to show off their summer ready bodies, the non fitness ones are preparing to put in their blood, sweat and tears to lose it all (the bulge I mean!) while the restaurants are innovating newer recipes to replenish and rejuvenate amidst the torridity.
Michelin starred establishment Yauatcha bears no exception to the cause and has introduced a multifarious extravaganza of exotic summer coolers and summer foods that promises a fitting respite to the scorching heat; at all the Pan India outlets.
The USP of these coolers are not just the perfect blend of fruity concoctions with alcohol but also the fact that some of these drinks are actually infused with their in-house special teas that render the zing in the exoticism of flavours.
Some of the variants you as a patron must try are the following:

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Nara Iced Tea–  A unique combination of Chilli vanilla sugar, cinnamon, passion fruit juice and jasmine tea.

Tokyo Cooler– It’s a refreshing, summery fruit blend of guava juice, peach juice, elderflower and lemongrass., garnished with a Pandan leaf.

Cha La Lai– A tea based cocktail prepared from oolong tea, vodka, black grapes, apple juice and sparkling wine.

Tin Hau Martini – Inculcation of bourbon, passion fruit and watermelon.

Violetta – A refresher prepared with blackberries, almond syrup, orange liqueur, cranberry juice and cognac.

Cha la lai
Lam Peak Martini – Made from gin, fresh pineapple, Martini Bianca vermouth and basil.

Black River Martini –A combination of Scotch, apricot, Drambuie, blackberries and apple juice is mixed to create the Black River Martini, available at Yauatcha Terrace, Bengaluru.

Lalu – is a signature cocktail prepared from Belvedere vodka, lemongrass, lime, oolong tea and lychee juice.

Crispy lamb with raw mango
Foodies! Don’t despair! The summer food menu includes an assorted platter of delights such s the Sugarcane Chicken Roll which is basically a candy lolly pop where a ball of chicken  mixture sticks to the sugarcane, cut into a thick stick served with spicy vinegar dipping sauce. Mango being the King of summer fruits,  there are dishes like the crispy lamb with raw mango, Thai Mango and prawn salad or even a Mango mascarpone gateaux, that render a perfect dose of refreshment to your hunger pangs.

So go ahead and try them all. Remember to leave a feedback of your experiences on my Facebook  Page or my Instagram handle. Want to be generous with words ? Then email me on saltpinch.wordpress@gmail.com! Happy Summers! 🙂

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