Burgers You Would Kill Me For Posting

They say Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly sins and I can’t blame them at all. In fact I go one step ahead in proclaiming that it’s Food that encompasses all the Seven Deadly sins in one! Think about it.

But first, let me get to the crux of this article.

Quite recently I came across a post by a famous youth social media portal that posted some of the most bizzare and delicious pizzas made to kill.

Don’t judge me! I’m a pretty non violent person. But. What I’m about to post, is most certainly going to rise your hunger to humongous proportions and that, will be directly proportional to your urge to come and kill me and I really can’t blame you for it. Here are some unbelievable Burger pictures leading to errm my murder! 😰

Did Anyone Ask For Extra Cheese?


PizzaBurger Anyone?


When In Vegas, Order A Bacon Glazed Donut Burger


Truffles, Duck Egg, Need I Say More? Gourmet Stuff!


Cheetos, Mac And Cheese On A Burger


Sushi Burgers, Because You Need To Check Your Waistline Sometimes!


If You Like It Then You Should Have Put An Onion Ring On It!


This Is How Australia Eats Their Burgers!


Roasted Corn And Avocado Burgers!


Burgers In Pita Bread?


I Thought Cheese Burst Only Existed In Dominos!


Of course There Has To Be A Burger Between Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!


Raspberry Infused Bun And Mozzarella Sticks In A Bun..Don’t Hit Me!


Meat Overload!


And Finally… Burger Shots Anyone?


For more such drool worthy pictures, do check out the Burger Page on Instagram… And while you’re distracted, let me run for my life before you decide to shoot me! #okbye


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