Hello fellow foodies!

Spring is here, sun shining bright and the ambiance is filled with positivity, emitting signs of a new beginning.

Holi a festival demarcating the welcoming of this season change is one my personal favourite festivals in the Indian calendar – not because of getting a wonderful opportunity to splash colours on random strangers; but to witness varied personas and other societal divisions merge so beautifully within the sea of red, blue, pink, green, black or gold.
Then again every festival is also a business opportunity, so why eating houses should be left behind? Don’t feel like entering the kitchen to conjure something up? Worry not! Here are some establishments in Kolkata that offer quick and yummy solutions to your Holi(y) Hunger!

1) Thandai Festival, Baati Chokha, Salt Lake


Baati Chokha, at FD block Salt Lake, promises to enhance your Holi experience and bring Banaras to your plates with their one of a kind Holi special Thandai festival.
Before all of you start raising gleams of hope, no the Thandaai’s aren’t laced with Bhaang! Too Bad! But jokes apart, Holi and Thandaai are eternal soul mates. The refreshing concoction of chilled milk mixed with a paste made of soaked dry fruits, black pepper, fennel seeds, watermelon seeds, rose petals and saffron – is a creamy, refreshing answer to the soaring temperatures. The festival will see a variety of Thandai flavours like Plain Badaami, Pista Malaai, Kesariya Badaami, Badam Pista and Kaju Badam Pista. Traditionally a Thandaai is usually served with Bhaang pakodas but in this case an authentic Benarsi assorted pakodas will be included with your serving of Thandaai. There will also be an authentic selection of desserts including Kulfi faluda, Moong dal halwa, Kheer and Churma. The Festival is on till March 24, 2016.

Address: FD-14, Ground Floor,
Salt Lake, Sector- 3,
Kolkata – 700106

Contact: (033) 24660105/(033) 40631050

2) Holi Festivities, Quest Mall Food Court (Q Court)

Kolkata’s luxury mall welcomes the festival of colours in their own style. Quest, that also houses some of the big brands in the culinary circuit, has conjured a special menu for Holi at their food court on the fourth floor. Desi Street, Mezze, Masala Kitchen and China South bring together a special combo menu to ensure patrons have the maximum satiation at affordable pricing. Have a look at the menu below and decide for yourself. The special menu is available at the food court till March 26, 2016.

Quest Mall, 4th Floor,
33 Syed Amir Ali Ave,

3) Holi Set Menu, Goldbrick Restaurant, Mukti World

The favourite haunt at the Mukti World building down Ballygunge; Gold Brick Restaurant brings a special set menu for Holi that includes the likes of Thandai, Cocktail Samosas, Paneer Khas Kadai Dum, Baked Boondi with Vanilla Ice cream and much more. That’s not all! With each set menu, get a purchase one get-one motion picture ticket voucher. The film tickets will be substantial between March 25 and April 13. So basically the idea of movie buffing with hogging is music to my ears!

Address: Mukti World, 4th floor
9/ 3B Gariahat Road,
Near Ballygunge Phari,

(033) 40016429

4) A Gunday Holi Party, Hyatt Regency, Salt Lake

hyatt holi
This Holi-day, bring out your bubbly soul in desi Gunday style! The Regency Lawn at Hyatt Regency Kolkata will be transformed into a natural Gunday zone with water guns, water buckets, loads of organic colors and mind you, that’s just the beginning!
Post the water-colour-fight enjoy sipping on the coolest thandaais and a delectable spread of starters, snacks and delicious primary courses. Gorge on wonderful chaats and sizable chunks of jalebi, rabri, kulfi, wood fired pizzas and much more. See the menu below and take your pick!

The event commences between 12:00 PM – 3:00 pm on March 24th and the registration for the same is charged at INR 1,399 + Taxes per person. The registration for young children aged between 5 to 12 years , is charged INR 799 + Taxes

Address: JA-1, Salt Lake
Sector- 3, Kolkata-700091

Contact:  (033)23351234

5)Holi Special, Bombay Brasserie, Quest Mall

bombay Braissarie1
The Indian fine dine extraordinaire Bombay Brasserie brings together a few Holi favourites in addition to their relishing menu till March 26th as their way of celebrating the festival of colours. Priced at A la carte rates, be sure to dig into their vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebab platters for the kicks. If desserts are your poison then Malpua and Thandai Firni are included to scream “Holi Hai!” in your tongues! Reservation recommended.
bombay Braissarie
Address: Quest Mall, 5th Floor,
33 Syed Amir Ali Ave,

Contact: (033)403332000

So what are you waiting for? Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat but REMEMBER play only at will and not by force! And for God’s sake spare animals. May the colors fade away the Black and White from your life! 🙂


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