Pan Asian genre can be the most easiest, and at the same time the most difficult to conjure up perfectly since the foundation of this culinary concept lies solely on the subtlety of flavors than an excessive amount of colors and spice. Asia Kitchen is one such establishment that nails this genre with utmost conviction and panache.

Coming from the house of Speciality Group that already has the likes of Mainland China on its cap, therein lies tremendous expectations when visiting Asia Kitchen.

Asia Kitchen

Ours was a food group meet and a curated spread from the menu was in order. The starters included the Asian Pickled Pepper, Pan Fried Chilli Fish, Chilli Teriyaki Potatoes, Crispy Corn Kaffir Lime and Crackling Spinach. These were accompanied by a delectable Poached Chicken Salad with Crispy Rice and Vietnamese Mint, as well as the Thai Green Papaya Salad.

Thai Green Papaya Salad

For a person who is not that fond of salads, the variety of flavors bowled me over while trying out both variants. While the beautiful succulent pieces of chicken blended beautifully with the crispiness of the Vietnamese mint tossed crispy rice; the Thai Green Papaya Salad was what stole my heart on first bite. There was lemon grass essence, the freshness of raw papaya and minimal spices that had the capability to woo you over and over again!

Coming to the starters my favorites were the Pan friend Chilli Fish and Crackling Spinach. The fish had the perfect crunch on the outside and an equal melt in the mouth softness within. The spinach like its name, was crackling with flavors. The corn was too tangy for my liking and in all honesty pretty average; same goes for the teriyaki potatoes- nothing that I would go and reorder. The pickled pepper was a disappointment- in other words, a homemade rendition comes out better I guess.

Thai Green Curry

The main course served didn’t fail us in terms of the wide variety a Pan Asian establishment. From Prawn Chilli Basil, General Tao’s Chicken, Lamb Massaman Curry to Vegetable Thai Green Curry, Corn Potato Tsing Hoi Style and Pan fried noodles with Soya Ginger- There was something for every taste pallet on the table. I cannot sugarcoat this to those reading but seriously if you don’t end up trying the Prawn Chilli Basil or satiating the Lamb Massaman Curry/ Vegetable Thai Green Curry with hot steamed rice, you really don’t know what you’re missing!

Cold Fried Nutella with Hot Nutella (2)

Coming to desserts, we witnessed molecular gastronomy at its best when the Chef created a delicacy of frozen Nutella fried in liquid Nitrogen and poured over a hot Nutella syrup on top. A sheer delight to the tongue and the eyes. All in all a must recommended haunt despite a few tweaks.

Address: 4th Floor, Acropolis Mall,
1858/1, Rajdanga Main Road,
Kasba, Kolkata

Contact: (033) 30991201

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