My friends and loved ones kept harassing me to get back to what I do best- food reviewing;  little do they know how difficult it is to keep up while you’re striving to get those extra pounds off yourself.Needless to say my lack of action online did compensate with reconnecting with myself and people who care about me the most, and of course lots and LOTS of travel

(Keep an eye on the next few chapters of Gobbletrot: The travel diaries section).

The past year has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride so with the first post of 2016, I hope to garner back all the time lost. New year, new hopes, new ideas, unapologetic, honest, that’s what I aim this year to be, and if I want to be kept up to  more than the Kardashians, best up my game then shall we? Being Miss Congeniality does ultimately lead you to a lot of outings with friends.
So last week I ended up at The Shack Lounge.


Rooftop and hookah are your forever perfect combination. Getting it right however is a tricky affair and The Shack Lounge bears no exception to this rule. Located opposite the hustle bustle of Quest Mall (Lane opposite Khosla Electronics facing the Bata showroom), the ambiance is guaranteed to make you fall in love. Perfect use of blue and white lights beneath the tables, cane and wooden furniture, mini fountains in the background, soothing music- all reeks perfection. I guess the night skies and cold weather work as a catalyst here to soak in the romanticism of a rooftop establishment.
However whatever daytime images I did end up seeing on their facebook page is far from horrifying, or maybe it’s their photographer, or maybe it’s both! I only wonder how they’d manage during those hot, sweaty summer months. Although they do have a tiny indoor area with television, AC and a PlayStation corner but only time will bear testimony to their popularity then on.

Coming to their food and hookah. A vegetarians delight like most hookah joints in the city so these guys played it safe as well. From pastas, pizzas, salads, Waffles, pancakes, Thai, Lebanese, crepes- they have it all.


We tried the Mushroom and Cheese sandwich and Garlic Bread. The sandwich was very well grilled and still retained the softness of the bread and the flavors of mushrooms and Cheese intact. The Garlic bread doesn’t disappoint you in taste either. However serving the same with falafel dips in small portion size devoid of presentation was disappointing and is something these guys need to work on. The beverages were spot on especially the hot chocolate. Mild sweetness with punch of cocoa is the perfect anecdote for a cold winter evening. The lemon ice tea was a bit of a surprise there having a hint of white salt as an after taste.

The hookah menu spoils you thoroughly. I choose the “As You Like It” option and conjured up the combinations but you could try anything from their vast selection be it blueberry or cigar. The mixing is smooth and devoid of any choking.

Overall it’s another brick in the wall as in the case of the other mushrooming hookah joints in Kolkata. However, not a bad option if you really want to chill with a couple of friends on the rooftop with a reasonable budget , or for that matter get a change from the hustle bustle of the crowded Quest Mall.


Address: 24, Tarak Dutta Lane,
Opposite Quest Mall,
Kolkata- 700017

Contact: 99034 00758

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