“I resent when I go out to dinner and they try to sell me the healthy food for the same price as the good food.” ― Jim Gaffigan.

The smell of fresh burgers seasoned with your favourite choice of patty, dolled up with generous amount of fresh vegetables, mayonnaise and gooey cheese, served with ultra crispy hot french fries. Made your tummy rumble didn’t I ? In this obese populated world, who doesn’t like to cheat and gobble up the food they love! But the food obsessed population have started becoming conscious of their waistlines and therefore even the thought of Junk food needs to be abstained.

But wait! What if I told you that you could keep your cravings intact and still remain in the 1200-1500 calorie intake per day bracket? I’m not kidding. Being a foodie myself; I know how hard it is to keep away from temptations. Dieting can never last long but yes if you make healthier choices, you needn’t diet in the first place right?

But what about cheat Sundays?”, you may ask. Where all that indulgence will make your 1 week workout thoroughly futile. Well let me solve your problem there and present a list of food items-minus the salad mind you- that keep with your daily calorie intake and not compromising on the most important aspect- Good Food.

KFC Chicken Bucket

Surprised and shocked beyond words aren’t you? How can a crispy fried chicken piece have less calories. It should probably be the one with at least 500 plus calories right? Wrong. A drum piece aka the leg piece has a surprising 131 calories only!  That’s less than a basic salad order or even a simple Veg Rocking burger that stands at a staggering 433.49 calories.

Subway- Vege Delight, Chicken Ham and Turkey Sandwiches

Yes. With the right choices, even a Sub sandwich can be a healthy option to intake.While Vege delight stands at 230 calories; Chicken Ham is 299 calories that is far less than the Paneer Tikka sandwich that astonishingly has 505 calories – More than any sub on the entire menu! The Turkey sandwich is the lowest in the non vegetarian variant with a calorie count of 280 calories for a 6 inch sub. Mind you if you DON’T add cheese, take multi-grain bread toasted and use only the red chili, southwest and honey mustard sauces; this is the healthiest you can ever eat.

Pizza Hut – Chicken Crunch and Veg Country Feast Pizza

pizza hut
Admit it. You’re loving me more after scrolling further down aren’t you? How can I not do a calorie analysis on the most favourite poisons in Junk food land! Coming straight to the point, if you want a somewhat guilt free binging at Pizza Hut without hurting your gym trainer’s sentiments, opt for the personal pan variants of Chicken Crunch and Vegetarian Country Feast Pizzas. While the former consisting of Chicken, Capsicum, Lebanese sprinkle with cheese ranks 144.48 calories, the latter with a whooping topping of sweet corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cheese stands at a surprising 135 calories only.

McDonald’s – Mc Aloo Tikki And Chicken Mc Grill Burgers

Burgers are the brand ambassadors of Fast Food world over and McDonald’s being the first face of fast food culture. How could I leave them out?! If you crave for burgers and not feel overtly guilty about your choices do opt for their Happy Price menu. Not only are they happy on the pocket but also on the calorie count. While the Chicken McGrill burger stands at 282 calories; the Mc Aloo Tikki stands at 353 calories. Agreed the calorie variants may be high; but compared to the standard Mc Veggie burger at 426 calories and Mc Chicken burger at 431 calories; this is a much better choice to make.


Side Orders

Who am I kidding! How can your junk food saga be complete without your side orders right? Well let me tell you one thing though; your side orders will add to your already existing junk food intake and not reduce them for sure. However if you still like to go ahead;  choose the following lesser harmful side orders:

Hash Browns

Hash-brownsCalorie Count: 166 calories
Available at: McDonald’s breakfast menu

Virgin Mojito

Calorie Count: 120.4 calories
Available at: KFC outlets

Garlic Bread Classic

Calorie Count: 110 calories
Available at: Pizza Hut outlets


Just Desserts

How can any meal be complete without a sweet ending? Without wasting further time, here are 2 low calorie desserts you could try in these renowned fast food joints :

Soft Serve Cone

Calorie Count: 86 calories
Available at: McDonald’s outlets

Classic Tiramisu

Calorie Count: 100 calories
Available at: Pizza Hut outlets

Lead us not into temptations. But deliver us from evil 😉

*All calorie information has been taken from the brand websites*

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