“Anyone can cook;but only the fearless can be great!” – Film: Ratatouille

silver screen asia

Another week passed. While people gorged on the Indian New Year feasts, there were some who cheered on cricket, football and wrestle manias of all kinds. While there were others who chugged along with their usual hustle bustle; there were people like me getting excited and dancing on receiving another invitation to a food trial. Although the repercussion on my attempt to weight loss is something I close my eyes to!

I always wondered where did the concept of “Food for thought” come into existence. When I watched the film Kabul Express and witnessed a scene where Arshad Warsi and John Abraham gorged on mouth watering melt in the mouth seekh kebabs ; I got my answer. Clearly cinema and food do have an intimate connection of sorts. Where else would you think the term “visual treat” come from in the first place? Having said that the establishment I touch upon this time is (no points for guessing) a Cinema themed neo-oriental fine dining space called Silver Screen Asia.

Located on the first floor of Salt Lake’s once upon a time grocery haunt Charnock City; the ambiance will lead you varied moments between the culinary and the celluloid. While the walls dawn stills from Kung Fu Panda, Chef, Mistress Of Spices etc; the patron is ensured edible cinematic experience on their tables too with the table mats bearing poster images of some of the most noted films through the ages.
The multicolored chairs and simple spacing of furniture makes the ambience bright and quite pleasing to the eyes. Unlike it’s north Indian outlet in Gariahat, the inclusion of the word ‘Asia’ makes Oriental cuisine predominance LOUD and CLEAR at Silver Screen Asia.

The menu above clearly self explains what I was in for, so to sit down and pen down the same is clearly a waste of time. Then again a restaurant primarily feeds on food and not on eye candy so here’s my honest experience on some of the dishes that caught my eye and tongue for that matter.

Lemon Corriander Soup : Veg and Seafood

I’m not basically a soup person, then again both the Lemon Coriander vegetarian and sea food variants were pleasing to the palate. There seemed a perfect mix of vegetables/ shrimp to broth ratio; making it a satiable starter to my dinner.

Stuffed Mushroom Garlic Pepper And Crispy Chilli Baby Corn
Being a mushroom freak, I almost thought that the Stuffed Mushroom Garlic Pepper would be just another run of the mill mushroom dish, sauteed with the usual Asian ingredients. I was wrong. The crispy exterior of the dish hid a real treasure that explodes in your mouth on the first bite. The stuffing ladies and gentleman is made of cheese; therefore I needn’t mention how I felt when I laid my hands on this!
Regards the Crispy Chili Babycorn, there wasn’t anything exceptionally great about it as the same is prepared in almost every restaurant with an oriental menu. If these guys want to stand out; they need to tweak in the flavors.

Vegetarian Fried Rice And Devil’s Choice Vegetables
Being an omnivorous; I sincerely pity the vegetarians here- particularly if they choose these particular items for their staples and main course. This is A Pinch of Salt, where I ensure everything is upfront and honest therefore trust me when I say my experience with these were terrible.
With Devil’s choice vegetables, I was thoroughly convinced that only a devil could conjure up such a concoction. Highly spicy, lacking any definite flavour and more than that; something that confused me whether to have this with an oriental staple or with a chapati!
Will not be too harsh on the fried rice. The quality of the rice was perfect, yet the delight turned sour because of it’s excessive dryness hence a choky aftermath.

The Show Stopper (Veg) – Vegetable Coin Wothub

Well at least to be very honest, this was the better dish from amongst the stipulated mains in our prefixed menu. Almost tasted like vegetarian Manchurian but then again, thankfully the flavours were intact and the experience, pleasant. *phewww*

Show Stoppers (Non-Veg) – Bacon Wrapped Prawns And Shrimp Shantung

I call  these the “show stoppers” and for good reason for these are the ultimate heaven for all sea food and bacon lovers across the world. Vegetarians reading this particular segment can please close their eyes and nose! They say marriages are made in heaven; ask those who married Bacon with Shrimp and the result was what you see above. “I’ve attained Nirvana” was what a fellow blogger uttered the moment he took a bite of the Bacon wrapped prawns. I needn’t say anything more here.
Always hated noodles in Chinese but my experience with Shantung was something else. Unlike a typically Indian palate, the Shrimp Shantung was comparatively bland , yet bursting with flavours unimaginable, thus making this a must try dish at Silver Screen Asia.

Just Desserts – Fried Ice-Cream And Darsaan With Ice-Cream

pic courtesy: Rishi Roy
pic courtesy: Rishi Roy

Just what we all want don’t we? A Happy Ending. Out here the ending is just about a ‘Bye’ and nothing enthusiastic to jump about in glee. Both regular features in almost all Chinese restaurants; the desert therefore wasn’t anything extraordinarily exceptional. Thus if these guys want more sweet tooth fanatics like me, they need to work harder on their desserts for sure.

Let me pre intimate the readers that if you like to while away your time, working up an appetite and are in no hurry to leave; you’ll particularly love the service here. But if you’re pressed for time like most of us, the management should ensure a prompt service as a part of their regime.

All in all a place I would ensure my future visits to, if certain criterion is taken care of. For now giving a 3.5 out of 5 rating with A Pinch Of Salt to Silver Screen Asia. They are capable of much better results and with that I sounded just like my school class teacher giving out my report card! Happiness 😉

Silver Screen Asia
Address: Charnock City, First Floor,
KB- 26, Sector- 3,
Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700106
Contact: (+91) 8334928800 / 8336087924

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