“I can do a week in a weekend. That’s not how efficient I am, that’s how little I work.” ― Jarod Kintz

Another week successfully gone and so much more to explore. Never knew food itself can become as interesting and as intricate as an archeological expedition. This week saw no compromises and a whole lot of flavorsome surprises as the city geared up welcoming the New Year. I hope you did end up trying out some places from my New Year Nom Nom list .

While the city bars and clubs have a double dry day this Friday and Saturday due to the elections, Sunday brings relief in the form of pool parties and a whole lot of fervor. With the IPL fever on, the weekend will also see a lot of us gathering in groups to shout, scream and cheer for our respective teams in stadiums, cafe’s . What good would a match be without the munchies then? So without wasting more time; here’s your Weekend Planner (April 17- April 19) for this week:

Africa Magica, Barbeque Nation (April 10- April 30)

africa magica
Take the African Safari through the wildernesses, as Africa wakes up at Barbeque Nation with ‘Africa Magica’ – the African food festival. Get an opportunity to experience the enchantment of the mysterious and feral African signature dishes like Kuku Paka, Tanzanian Shabbat Fish, Belafonte Prawns and Piri Tangdi. Vegetarians needn’t be disappointed as delights such as Butternut and Shallot Soup, Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes, Congo Paneer steak; are sure to make their mouths water.
Likewise on the menu are drinks with extraordinary names enlivened by Africa which incorporate Jungle Safari Sangria and West African Iced Chocolate Drink. Be prepared to get welcomed to a bright and vibrant atmosphere with rustic old hatari jeeps amidst the premises that is sure to complete your African adventure.

Address: K 1, RDB Boulevard,
Block EP and GP,
Sector 5, Salt Lake,
Contact: (033)60600000


Baan Thai Goes Green, Baan Thai, Oberoi Grand (April 10- April 26)

Baan Thai
The Thai haven at the prestigious Oberoi Grand goes full vegetarian this month.  All you green freaks can therefore enjoy a delicious and healthy spread like the Silken Tofu sizzlers, stir fried morning glory along with a wide selection of exotic vegetables from South East Asia. The spread has been specially prepared by the in house Thai master chef so don’t miss out on this ‘Lazeez Affair’ and make your reservations ASAP.

Address: 15, Jawaharlal Nehru Road,
Contact :
(033) 2249-2323


Arabian Food Fiesta, Sigree Global Grill, (April 12- April 25)

arabian fiesta
If kebabs are your poison and you crave a twist in the tale, then head to Sigree to devour a Middle-Eastern menu that gloats of traditional delicacies like Rubiyan Meshwi, Shish Taouk, Samak Harra, among others. The flavors at this Arabic feast are subtle, aromatic and the dips remain true to tradition.
The ingredients like Sumac berries, Mahlab seeds and Za’atar herbs have been imported from the Middle- East, so as not to compromise on the authenticity of piquancy. Lunch commences between 12.30pm to 3.30pm and is priced Rs 660 (veg) and Rs 710 (non- veg) all inclusive. The dinner on the other hand is between 7pm to 11pm and is priced Rs 765 (veg) and Rs 840 (non- veg) all inclusive.

Address: 5, JBS Halden Avenue,
1st Floor, Silver Arcade,
EM Bypass,
Kolkata- 700106
Contact: (+91) 9330627513/ (033) 22517031/32


Hariye Jaava Maachher Utsab- The Fish festival, Fish Fish (April 14- April 30)

fish fish
The fish obsessed Bengal has yet another reason to bring back the long forgotten aquatic delicacies to your platter. Fish Fish , Ballygunge presents Hariye Jaava Maachher Utsab– The Fish festival that offers traditional and rare preparations of fish like Gung Mourola Bhaja, Small Macher Jhol, Golshe Tangra, Amudi Macher Bhaja, Rupchanda Macher Moitha, Aam Kasundi Koi Mach; prepared by Culinary expert and Co-Owner Debashis Kundu. Lunch commences from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm while dinner starts from 7 pm to 11 pm respectively.

Address: 13/5, Swinhoe Street,
Kolkata- 700019
Contact: (033)40605500

Exotic Sunday Pranzo, La Cucina, The Hyatt Regency (April 19)

Come Sunday and tantalize your taste buds in authentic Italian flavors with the Exotic Sunday Pranzo (brunch) at La Cucina. Enjoy the traditional recipes and selection of specialties like White Asparagus and Truffle, Risotto and more from different regions of Italy like Tuscan, Sicily, Veneto on every different Sunday. This Italian fare will be complimented with unlimited Italian wines, beer and imported spirits. The brunch commences every Sunday between 12 noon till 3:30pm and is priced Rs.1850 plus taxes per person without alcohal and Rs. 2200 plus taxes per person with unlimited beverages.

Address: JA-1, Sector III,
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata-700 098
Contact: (033) 2517-1425/ 9831962778

Luncheon  Someplace Else, Someplace Else, The Park (Everyday)


SPE fans! Good news! The favorite live music haunt of the city finally opens doors for lunch everyday. The menu which boasts of a varieties of grills, sandwiches and continental delights, is priced Rs 800 plus taxes and inclusive of alcohol and Rs 500 plus taxes without alcohol. You can take a look at the menu below:

Address: 17 Park Street,
Kolkata: 700016
Contact: (033) 4004-9000

No Dry Day Weekend, Bakstage (April 17- April 19)

Got disappointed when I mentioned Dry Day didn’t you? Well Bakstage at Sector 5 gives all you alcohol poison takers a reason to rejoice since the most rocking pub in Salt Lake will be up and ready to serve your favorite drinks even during the election Friday and Saturday Dry Days. Book your tables and thank me later. Hic Hic Hurray! 😉

Address: EN 1, First Floor,
Sector 5, Salt Lake
Kolkata- 700106
Contact: (+91)9830552117

So go ahead. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat. Until next weekend 😉

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