“Tell me what you eat; and I’ll tell you who you are!” – Anthelme Brillat Savarin.

Interiors 3- Yauatcha

Let’s be honest here; food blogging has never been my cup of tea, coffee, whatever! Food for me is something that evokes the senses and relished with a feeling of satisfaction.. umm.. kinda like love I guess. With just 3 posts old, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation for lunch from the management of Kolkata’s Michelin starred establishment Yauatcha; which is such a big deal, especially for a Freshman in the circuit.

Chicken Cha sui buns

Patrons at Yauatcha are in for an exotic experience of a typically Cantonese tea house; with their regular menu that boasts of around 51 varieties of Dumplings and Dimsums that are  reasonably easy on the pocket and served in a Cantonese portions of three per plate. Why three you wonder? Well number four symbolises death in the Chinese customs.

Inside the Yauatcha kitchen before it opened doors to the public. September 2014.
Inside the Yauatcha kitchen before it opened doors to the public. September 2014.

I had been privileged enough to witness this phenomena unfold before the raving public eyes earlier in September 2014. The taste of the crispy and succulent array of  dumplings still leave an orgasmic after effect in my mouth. With the launch of of their new Hi Tea and Lunch menu; I looked forward to the contemporary tryst awaiting my plate.

Coming back, Chef Kushal Lama brings forth a feast fit for a King on the table and  I see before me some irresistible treats that are a part of the new set lunch menu at Yauatcha.  As I picked up my camera to shoot, the conglomeration of aromas acted nothing but hindrance to my focus and before I could figure out what lay before me, the Chef handed me a copy of the menu to examine.

The Set Lunch menu at Yauatcha
The Set Lunch menu at Yauatcha

“People who hear of Yauatcha as a Michelin starred restaurant always assume that we are expensive. This is absolutely false and by launching a five course menu in under a 1000 INR all inclusive, we prove our point without compromising on the quality,” gleed Chef Lama.

Chicken Szechuan Peppercorn
Chicken Szechuan Peppercorn

What lay before me were bite sized portions of Spicy Chicken Szechuan Peppercorn  This is basically chicken cooked in spicy sweet sauce with sautéed onions, dry red chillis and bell peppers.

Tofu Kung Pao
Tofu Kung Pao

The Tofu Kung Pao was a better and tastier vegetarian rendition of the traditional Kung Pao Chicken where the tofus were lightly crispy and sticky on the outside and soft and succulent inside; served with sautéed onions, green pepper corn and roasted cashews . The menu as a whole is a perfect combination of light bites, traditional main course and a sweet ending.


If a heavy lunch isn’t your cup of tea, how about trying out their High Tea menu?! You get to choose between either a dessert  or munchies with a soothing cup of Yauatcha’s Jasmine Green Tea at just INR 495, all inclusive. That’s like having an accomplished quality centric London restaurant at the price of a CCD coffee and sandwich. So boy’s who want to woo their dates in style, look no further and thank me later *wink wink*.

hi teaAs my photo shoot concluded, the chef brought out yet another surprise on the table and I had the opportunity to engage my taste buds to the Bengali New Year spread; way before the general public. The presentation is what caught my eye hands down.

The plate resembles a typically Chinese Cherry Blossom tree where the artistic representation of the blossoms using green, red and yellow bell peppers is sheer genius. Be rest assured that both the vegetarian and non vegetarian delicacies on that plate is sure to set your hunger pangs on a rise. Don’t believe me? Let me just photo describe the names of some of the dishes in store.

The Vegetarian selection comprised of The Vegetable Crystal Dumpling, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf, The Edameme Dumpling and The Pomegranate infused dumpling
The Vegetarian selection comprised of The Vegetable Crystal Dumpling, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf, The Edameme Dumpling and The Pomegranate infused dumpling
Refresh yourself with three very different fruit based cocktails. Left : Is a combination of Pineapple and Passion Fruit juice with a mild hit of Gin. Centre: This is typically called the Badshah (King) which is a combination of Rum, Pomegranate juice and Litchi juice combined. Right: Called the Begum (Queen)which is basically shot of vodka with a lovely floral hit and a hint of lime.
The non vegetarian New Year platter will consist of the Xiao Long Bao or soup dumpling, The Sugarcane Chicken skewers- crispy flavoured chicken with sliced long beans wrapped around a sweet sugarcane stick, The Pork belly Char Siu bun (You could substitute that for chicken incase you don’t consume pork), and of course the prawn and chicken infused Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf.

All in all if it’s food like this that entices you to infidelity; I say “Aye!”

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