“The only way cheese is dessert is when it’s followed by the word cake.”
― Michele Gorman, author Single in the City


It may come as a surprise that I was and never will be a chocolate person. Somehow the taste, the flavors even the texture was far from being appealing to me. They call it the universal comfort food for all reasons and seasons. I call it hogwash!

Before I’m beaten up by the rest of you, let me just clarify that this particular piece doesn’t aim to glorify the already glorified; it goes on the explore those that deserve glorification.

So move over Chocolate! You have fierce competition from another universal comfort food I like to call the Cheesecake. The scrumptious varietal melt in the mouth delight has mesmerized many tongues to an extent of forgetting about their guilty pleasure trips down the tummy lane. According food historians, the invention of this confectionery was as early as 1390!

However I wont bore any of you with historical jargons and facts- Search engines are enough for that. You guys are here for food so food is what you’ll get.  If you’re in Calcutta; snooping around for the ultimate taste haven; here are seven places you could go to indulge this sinful delight and attain your seven heaven:



Legends can’t be rated but like history, be imbibed and infused wholeheartedly . Known for it’s old world British ambiance and equally delicious English breakfast, cakes and bakes; very few are aware that Flurys shares an equally delightful spread of delicious cheesecakes. Though the flavors are a standard Blueberry, Strawberry or a Mango, the taste is equally delectable par excellence. Don’t miss this and relish the fusion of traditionalism with the renaissance.

Piccadilly Square


No it’s not London’s iconic landmark, then again the food here speaks another language. Apart from
its signature waffles with ice-cream, the cheesecakes at this eatery are a must try. The soft biscuit base with an equally soft cheese bite bursting with fruity flavors is something one can’t stay away from.

Bon Appetit- The Café


It may not be in the lime light like the biggies, but ask Bon Appetit’s patrons and they have another story to tell you. The quiet cosy haunt at both Hazra and Salt Lake has created quite a stir with its pocket friendly options of sandwiches, desserts, wraps, pizzas among others. What pleases the crowd even more is the iconic Blueberry Cheesecake that’s served with Bon Apetit’s in-house whipped cream; all for just Rs 75. The seasonal Mango cheesecake and the Durga Puja special Mihi Dana Cheesecake are something to watch out for as well.

La Maison Des Delicies

la maisons

This French haven has more than one reason to celebrate its existence. Not only does La Maison Des Delicies titillate the taste buds with its exotic variety of desserts, their USP apart from their signature Bailey Parafit are their wide variety of cheesecakes- from Berry Bake, Kiwi, Lemon and Mango to even White Chocolate Fondue cheesecake. What’s interesting to note here is that these are not available on the menu, one has to make a wish to the chef and you don’t need to a genie to make this come true.

Café Mezunna


Perhaps the most relishing entrant in the food circuit, Café Mezunna boasts of the most authentic and not to mention the most delicious Cheesecake in the city. Their Two Berry baked Philadelphia Cheesecake has got to be the most lip smacking thing in the menu. You just can’t stop at one.

Smoke House Deli


Although known more for its Iconic Peri Peri Chicken and other mains, we recommend Smoke House Deli for its Philly Cheesecake, made with the authentic Mascarpone Cheese. There is relish, satisfaction and delight in every bite.

Paris Café


The fairytale land of desserts, this confectionery hub has the most scrumptious variety of Cheesecake one could think of- from Tiramisu, Red Velvet, and Coffee Mocha to Banana, Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry. A sure shot scorer in my  top seven.

So go ahead and give in to the sweet temptation. Don’t count the calories, just the smile of satisfaction once you’re done! 😉

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