Wa pinch of saltWriting has always been my first love and I’m so glad that I have been blessed with the articulation of clarified thoughts. Food on the other hand has always played a vital role in my life- be it on my plate, my palate or simply my psychology. Let me make one thing clear about myself though. I’m not a celebrity chef, neither a renowned food critic so if you’re expecting either of these anecdotes; think again. A Pinch of Salt  is born out of love- love from my friends who enjoy my wordplay,  love from those who garner a visual treat from the food photography I indulge in and most importantly love from those who respect my honesty and criticism. Since I’m fond of visiting new places to eat almost every weekend, the posts which follow are simply what I indulge my 5 senses wholeheartedly- be it a new in town eating spree, a food walk, an establishment garnering menu changes or just a regular foodgasmic visit. If you have the valor to take the written word with A Pinch Of Salt; I welcome you to my world.

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